This is Day 5 of “30 WordPress hacks in 30 Days”!

One of my WordPress pet peeves is not being able to find what I want quickly. I like options. Lots of options. Many blog owners are not web designers by trade, so basic “usability” techniques are not usually something they consider. While the “blog” paradigm has been around many years now, sometimes I think that some basic usability principles for web sites have been lost. Too much is taken for granted. The average web user doesn’t know WordPress from a printing press. Keep this in mind every time you tweak your blog. With that in mind, today you will learn how to hack and customize the following navigation points within your blog based on this tutorial:

  • Breadcrumbs
  • Next and Previous Links: Pagination
  • Next and Previous Links: Single Page
  • More Links and Excerpts
  • Multi-Page Navigation
  • Related Posts
  • Most Viewed Posts
  • Most Popular Posts
  • Category Images
  • Sidebar Options

So – let’s get started! Click to go to the next page below…