So yesterday, when I posted about the Viral Recommendation Carousel, I talked about that idea coming Marco Richter. I commented on his page that I was surprised he didn’t contact anyone about the project – and he commented back that HE TRIED to contact me, but couldn’t find a way on my blog to do that.

You know when they talk about the painter’s house being the one that needs a paint job? I feel like that guy – the one who builds web sites for a living, and doesn’t even remember to put a contact form on his own site!! So first, let me say that even now, after 10 years of creating web sites – I am still making simple blogging mistakes!! I guess that’s why I setup this web site – right? Now you can learn from my mistake…

It doesn’t matter if your blog or web site is for personal or business use, for products, services, jokes, reviews, or pictures of the family dog. Sometime someone will want to contact you for one reason for another. Maybe you have a broken link? Or someone wants permission to use one of your pictures? Maybe a member of the media found your site and wants to put in in a magazine, or better yet – someone wants to exchange links or advertise! If you don’t have a contact form NOW – then don’t delay, get one up today!

This is a WordPress blog, so of course I’m going to tell you what I think is the best way to put up a contact form – it’s the cforms II WordPress Contact Form Plugin I have used MANY contact forms – and this is THE BEST ONE there is available today.


  • cforms II is easy to setup
  • It’s flexible
  • It can be used to setup as many forms as you want. You can create a simple contact form – or really complicated surveys with it.
  • You can have any kind of form field
  • It handles attachments
  • It has built in Captcha to fight spam

So – don’t make my mistake, get a contact form up now if you already don’t have one. I recommend cforms II. And – if you want to contact me, by all means please use my new contact form! Oh – and Thanks Again Marco! You don’t know it yet, but I’ll be doing you a favor later this week…