Here’s my new WordPress theme entitled “Business Blues Skyscraper”. I took a little more time and created this one in about an hour. I took one of the default layouts in Artisteer and changed the colors and menus to a color scheme I liked better. Then I spruced up the menus, choose some better icons and buttons, and last I found a great skyscraper pic to use as the background washout to make this a true “widescreen wordpress theme”! It looks GREAT on my new 22″ monitor, but it will look just as good in 1024×768 on a 15″ (they just won’t see all of the skyscraper). I love themes like that.

I also like the top navigation bar with the multi-level dropdowns. Click the pic below if you want to see a fullscreen pic, I really like this theme! Download the theme using the links after the image below. If you’re not heard of Artisteer before you should check it out. It’s Windows software you can purchase and download to create your own WordPress theme! You can change every last option and create a completely original, completely unique WP theme with no coding or design experience at all! It’s just like using Word, and you export when down and upload to your theme directory and activate! This makes SEO much more streamlined for those who don’t know much. Imagine creating all the themes you want (like I am) and releasing them for free to build links or get exposure for your blog! This is my third theme to date – I hope you like it. Use the download links below to get it.

New 2 Column Free WordPress Theme

New 2 Column Free WordPress Theme “Business Blues Skyscraper”

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