yahoo site explorer Recently someone told me that “Yahoo Search is Dead, why should I register my web site”? It’s no secret that Yahoo and Microsoft are now partners, and it should further be no surprise that about a month ago Yahoo announced it’s search results would be served by Bing.

If you’ve had your site awhile (and have been reading this blog), then you already now that one of the key parts to getting (and keeping) good search rankings, is to register your site with the 3 big search engines: Yahoo, Bing, and google. So, how that Yahoo is getting it’s search results from Bing, you shouldn’t both registering your site with Yahoo Site Explorer any more – right?

Nothing could be further from the truth (for now). Yahoo wants webmasters to keep using Site Explorer since it feeds information to Bing. So, even if your already registered with Bing, keep your Yahoo Site Explorer registrations up – it can only help!


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