bad seo

By knowing “How to Ruin your SEO in 5 Easy Steps”, you’ll better understand some pitfalls to avoid – that could ruin your credibility in search results. There are some things you could do that would quickly change your rankings for the worse.

1. Write Horrible Titles

There are lots of factors to good search rankings, but none is more powerful than a good post title. This is the title for that page listing in search engines, and the keywords contained within it largely determine what search terms you’ll come up for. If you want bad rankings, just write bad titles! Don’t use keywords, use meaningless words, make the titles excessively long, and don’t explain what the post is about.

2. Link to Questionable Web Sites

Remember when your mother said “you’re only as good as the company you keep”? Google believes that too. If you want to start dropping down in search rankings, just link to questionable sites, like ones with spam, mal-ware, illegal software – even linking to places suspected of or associated with this kind of activity is enough.

3. Get Malware on Your Site

Online security is HUGE nowadays, and if you get malware on your site – you’ll be ripped out of the google index the same day! You’re visitors will even get a nice warning message is most browsers that says “this site is infected with malware!” All it takes is to have an old version of most anything installed in your site (wordpress, forums, scripts), and it’s a backdoor for spammers to break into your site, and install links to spam and malware sites. Don’t pay attention to security, and you’ll be on google black list quickly!

4. Excessively Link to Other Sites

If you have more than 50 links on a single page, google will suspect you of link stuffing, building a linkfarm, and a hundred other things. It’s healthy to link to your own content and other sites, but if you want to drop your SEO just link to dozens and dozens of pages and sites in your posts.

5. Build Unusually Large Amounts of Backlinks

As in the last point, if you want to drop SEO, just build 1,000’s of backlinks quickly! You still see services that will build “thousands of forum links” overnight, or tons of social media bookmarks. Nothing will put you in the sandbox or give you a google penalty quicker, than trying to game google by building tons of backlinks quickly!