December Adsense pays more per click, learn how to PREPARE TO MAKE MORE MONEY during this time of year than all the other months combined!

Why is December so important? Because it’s the most profitable month of the year! Think about it – it all has to do with supply and demand. In December more people are shopping online than any other time of the year. There are hundreds of thousands of web sites competing for those online shoppers, and many will pay top dollar to get them! You can earn more money per click now than at any time of year!

Online Holiday Advertising Trends

I have had web sites and blogs online for the last 10 years. I am always amazed by this time of year. I am also amazed how it mirrors the brick and mortar retail store world.

  • More Traffic: Your site should get more traffic this month than any time of year, regardless of niche – simply because more people are searching.
  • More Clicks: Your site should be getting more clicks on ads this month than any other of the year since so many are searching for something (most to buy)
  • More Money Per Click: Whether you’re using Adsense, AdCenter, or Yahoo you should be seeing a much higher rate paid per click. Personally, many of my sites are going from 3-8 cents per click to 35-50 cents per click.
  • Higher Total Orders: If you’re using Commission Junction, Amazon, or LinkShare you should be seeing higher per order commissions this month due to the holiday ordering season.
  • More Searches and Recommendations: You will probably see more weird searches on your site this month than any other. In addition to that, make sure your site or blog has some “recommended” items or articles at the end of each content block – because people will follow those more so this month than any other

What YOU should be doing to take advantage

Do you have a blog? It doesn’t matter what kind of web site you have to take advantage of the holiday buying season. If you have a straight blog monetized with adsense, just post more frequently to get more traffic this month. POST EVERY DAY! More traffic means more page views, which means more money in your pocket this month! If you don’t advertise in other ways, consider monetizing in some other way, like Amazon or Commission Junction. That way you could directly recommend and review products and / or gift ideas all month long – no matter what you niche!

Do you have a forum? Start a thread or topic “What do you want for Christmas” or “My Holiday Wish List”. If you monetize with adsense gift ads should show up quickly – or you can monetize with other ads. An eBay search box would even be good! Take a look at what LookWhatsCool is doing, it’s very similar.

Do you have an online store? Start a “wish list” feature, recommend products, have an “email to friend” feature, have the ability to save the shopping cart for long periods of time, review new products each day, feature products, have a list of “hottest items” – take advantage of every opportunity you have to show more products and features! Whether your’re writing about your grand kids, how to train a dog, or how to earn money online – you need to be well aware of how advertising trends and seasonal changes will affect activity to your web site.

In closing, I will remind you that the holiday buying season DOES NOT END on December 25th! It usually continues right up until January 15th or so as many people receive cash and gift certificates and many don’t return to work or school until the first week of January. You can expect the high level of activity to taper off about mid-January for a winter lull until about mid-February or Valentine’s day. I have made the blogging mistake of not taking advantage of this time of year in the past – don’t you do it too! Do you have a comment on trends? Please – comment now below!