Has you BANS niche store been de-indexed from google and dropped like a hot rock? Do you think google is attacking all BANS sites?

This post is part of the Watch Me Build a BANS Niche Site from Scratch series!

google don't be evil I’m tired of hearing all the people in the Digital Point forums, Build a Niche Store forums, and in blog comments about BANS sites being targeted by google – and they just heard about somebody who had “50 sites manually de-indexed this morning”. Look – IMHO, google isn’t targeting BANS sites at all. It just so happens that the majority of BANS sites are crap sites, practically no better than spam. Read Thin Affiliate Sites are Dead by Mark, The Niche Store Builder.

First he defines what a “thin affiliate” is. It’s a page that exists to forward you to another page so you can make money. And what is “BANS” software in the first place? It’s an entire “thin affiliate site in a box” script – isn’t it? So, right out of the box, google hates BANS niche stores! There are two more important pieces of information in that post, one is that the thin affiliate page has “no value added content”, and if the scraped content (product or eBay info) was removed from the page – all that would remain would be spam.

Now, a lot of you reading this may think I’m telling you not to buy BANS and not to build niche stores anymore. That couldn’t be further from the truth. You CAN do it, and you CAN STILL be profitable, and you CAN STILL STAY INDEXED in google. You just have to work harder, and more honestly than you maybe have in the past. I’ve been trying to change this blog a bit and make it more realistic when it comes to the work required to build a monthly income online. You may already have noticed my graphic on the homepage to that effect. There is no “golden goose” or “money tree” online. Even if you find some loophole to short term success, your money stream will dry up and you will be left with nothing once you are found out.

Let me be very clear about BANS “Build a Niche Store” software…

You can make money from it…

But, a fresh BANS store is nothing more than “spam in a box…” for your web site.

Why BANS stores get banned from google:

BANS stores get “banned” or “de-indexed” by google for having no value at all beyond the “scraped” auctions from eBay. If your only intent is to make money promoting eBay auctions google WILL FIND YOU and manually REMOVE YOU from their index. If you purchase traffic through Adwords or other means you have NOTHING to worry about, but if you get ORGANIC traffic and want to CONTINUE to get organic google search traffic – you MUST ADD SIGINIFICANT VALUE and CONTENT to your BANS site beyond the auctions to succeed!

Now then, unless you plan to just keep on complaining – this is what I suggest you do immediately…before the rest of your BANS stores get jerked from the big G index.

  • Remove auctions from your BANS home page: Fill your front end with content, content, content!
  • Prune your store navigation down to the most essential pages: This is especially true if your store pages are like 50-100, but your content pages are under 10!
  • Ditch Adsense: If you’re using Adsense on your BANS site – ditch it for now unless your BANS site is really content heavy. Some people have been getting emails from Adsense about potentially shutting their account down because they had really this BANS pages with Adsense on them
  • Strive for 50% content+ sitewide: This may be a VERY high mark to strive for (especially if your BANS site has dozens of store pages – but let’s face it…if you do this you won’t only be making google happy. That many content pages will get you GOOD organic traffic and increase the value of your site 10-fold anyway.
  • Have MORE on a domain than just BANS: What – did you think that you could setup 50+ keyword-laden domains and just slap BANS up there, and then the cash would start rolling in? Don’t be an IDIOT, put MORE on those domains than just BANS. Protect your niche – add a blog and integrate BANS into WordPress – that way if BANS or eBay affiliations in general become taboo or no longer profitable, you still have a niche site with REAL content to promote 900 other ways!

If you remember only ONE thing from this post – let it be this…if you removed all the auctions from your BANS store would there be anything left of value at all? If you can honestly say “Yes!”, you have a good BANS store that deserves to be in the google index. If you say “No.” – then I think you either have some work to do, or just resign yourself to the fact that from now on all your traffic will only be coming in through Yahoo! and MSN Live Search.

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