There’s a new plugin called “Newsletter Booster” I’m reviewing today which is an Opt-In WordPress plugin with a twist. I think that you’ll like it, I’d hadn’t seen one that performed this function until I was told about this one.

All the online and Internet marketing gurus have a “list”. They spam all their unwitting list members with all kinds of garbage offers for crap that makes them rich for promoting it. It’s all hype, hype, hype – and mostly crap, crap, crap. They count on people that are down and out looking for any way to make cash online and prey on this particular demographic with long and very drawn out emotional please designed to “convert” to believers so that they will by the “next best thing” to make them rich online. If you’re getting the picture that I pretty much hate listbuilding and the “squeeze page” aspect of online marketing – I do. It’s only because those products never deliver what they promise at all – because if they were worth anything in the first place they wouldn’t have to hype it sooooo much. For gosh sakes, even the slap chop didn’t have as much hype as some of the garbage going around online.

Now that I’ve said that – let’s go over some of the positive aspects of listbuilding. Believe it or not, email based newsletters are still a viable source of marketing. It is, and it always will be. People generally don’t mind email they signed up for (unless they’re idiots that signup for everything), and you can’t beat targeted marketing. For example, I just signed up for AWeber last month to start managing my email based lists. You can find the signup form on the home of this blog. The majority of my visitors come to this site for one of two things – WordPress, or something to do with Online Marketing. I don’t feel a bit bad about building a new list through my site, because I won’t be sending the latest “Cash Cow Money System” garbage most sites do. I’ll be sending real tools, with real reviews, real results, and some of my own ebooks and products that I’ll be launching in 2010. Damn, now I sound like a hyped up marketer!

Ok, back to this plugin and why I like it so much. “Newsletter Booster” is a WordPress plugin that’s so simple you’ll kick yourself for not thinking of it before. Check out this image:

The image above is my comment form on this site. It’s been updated and you can see in the image above there’s a new checkbox entitled “please add me to your newsletter” and a spam disclaimer. You’re probably thinking – that’s it? I have to tell you – this could be the most profitable thing I’ll do in all of 2010! And here’s why…

This site has been online 2 1/2 years so far. I have 262 posts, 33 pages, and 2,795 comments to date. If I had had this plugin installed 2 1/2 years ago I could have potentially had 2,795 people on a email list. That would have been an incredible targeted list for people looking for WordPress products (free and premium), and honest online marketing materials.

So, when I got my hot little hands on the Newsletter Booster plugin the other day here’s what happened.

Here’s the main configuration screen of the plugin admin. You can choose whether to activate the checkbox on the comment form, the registration form (or both). I don’t take signups to this blog – so I chose to use the comment form option. If you had a membership site, it’s good to know this option is here. You can also choose whether or not to “pre-check” the box (not a good idea, and pretty shady I might add). You can choose to ignore suspected spam (and add them to the list anyway), I left that unchecked.

Next you can choose to only signup immediately approved comments (people that have commented before that are approved), I chose not to check this because I approve every single comment in this site by hand anyway (I trust no one, lol). Next I chose to be emailed every time somebody signs up for the newsletter. You can choose whether or not registered users see the signup checkbox, but for me (on this blog) I have no registered users so I left it blank, and the last option on this screen is submit to API.

Newsletter Booster has the ability to collect emails on it’s own inside the plugin. You can’t email them from the plugin, but you can export the emails and import them into another tool for emailing if you’d like. The API functionality is great because it allows you another method for collecting email signups for a marketing list, and like I have in this example – just enter the URL to your list formatted correctly and the signups with go directly to your service, like AWeber, MailChimp, etc.

The next tab in the plugin admin is the control of the comment form:

You have the ability to have the checkbox for newsletter signup above the comment field, or below it. You have total control over the pitch line and the disclaimer text and style. You can highlight the signup area by using html or style code before and after the checkbox and text. You can control the exact same things if you choose to place the checkbox on your registration form – I won’t show that screenshot since it’s exactly the same options as the comment box.

The signup tab shows the last 25 newsletter signups:

It records the email address, name, time, comments, post, comment ID, and IP address. There’s an export tab where you can export all signups in a CSV file, and it even saves a log. The log is handy because it shows whether or not the signup was forwarded properly (if you use the API feature), and you can see if a visitor has been signed up once – and checks the box again – it just says “[email address] has already been registered” – so you don’t have to worry about duplicates.

So, if you want to know my opinion of this plugin let me show you one last image:

I installed this plugin yesterday. Today I have 11 newsletter signups. That means by the end of the month I should have about 300 new subscribers to my list. Hopefully I’ll have 3,000+ by the end of the year. I just love premium plugins that do a job and do it well, but for $37 you can’t beat this one with a stick. If you’re building a brand, or a following – this plugin is a must have.

*Disclaimer: This is a premium plugin. If you click on the link below and buy it I will get a commission for the sale. That’s how we pay the bills around here.

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