“My blog is a failure” and I think I’ll just go somewhere and put myself out of my misery…having similar thoughts? Maybe I can help.

Last weekend I read post on another blog that really concerned me. The author wrote “I’ve been working at this blogging thing for more than a year and I haven’t really made any money and I don’t get many visitors and I am a miserable failure. “My blog is a failure” and I think I’ll just go somewhere and put myself out of my misery… That’s about one of the most extreme posts I’ve read, and that person has pretty much just given up. Have you evern been at the end of your rope with your blog? You’re not getting any comments, you don’t get many visits, you’re not making any money, you don’t know what to post about, you’re not meeting your goals – maybe you don’t even have any goals yet! You are thinking about the success you once dreamed of as a blogger and you’re now thinking of yourself as a failure.

That post I read resonated with me because I’ve been at crossroads like this before myself. Time and time again I was ready to quite because I didn’t think I was getting anywhere. In the back of my head I always remembered something Shoemoney wrote on his blog. It was about people having the perception that he was some kind of “overnight sensation” raking in tens of thousands on his site with ringtones. He pointed out that the first two years he tried to make money online me made nothing. Not a single penny. He even got fired from his day job for working on his ringtone site at work (that wasn’t making any money yet).

Success is never overnight. Success is a learning process, and with blogging it’s “learn as you go”. I think of Stevie Ray Vaughan who rose to fame in 1981 with his first album and hit single “Pride and Joy”. His success seemed overnight. Most had no idea he was born in 1954 and had been playing since the age of twelve. From 1970-1980 he played, and played, and played, and played on stage some more perfecting his craft. It’s not to say that he didn’t have true natural talent. But his incessant passion for music and refusal to give up on his dreams and goals drove him to never give up and press on. The fact that he did nothing but eat, sleep, and breathe his craft for more than a decade while practically living as a vagrant made him into the talent that he was.

I’m not saying you need to blog for 10 years without making money or being successful in any way, but you need to be realistic about what it is that you expect. I put this blog online in June 2007. I am thankful for the growth I’ve had so far in the last 10 months and look forward to the next year. I by no means think that I’m a huge blogger (yet). I do think I’m in a position to tell you about what I’ve experienced so far, and maybe it will help you.

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