bloggin ads one heck of a giveaway contest
Last week I was messaged on Entrecard by Mike over at Bloggin’ Ads and he asked me help sponsor his new contest by supplying a prize. I’ve written many times about how running a contest can drive tons of traffic to your site and get your lots of new rss subscribers. In spite of that – I’ve still not run one to date! Shame on me! So I didn’t think twice about helping to sponsor Mike’s One heck of a giveaway contest – why not? By Sponsoring the contest we’re of course giving away a prize – a 125 x 125 ad for an entire month! I was thinking of adding some 125 x 125 blocks anyway to help monetize this site, and they’re becoming more and more standard – we’ll like I read on one blog yesterday “the 125×125 advert has become the official blog ad now…”.

So why is this contest One heck of a giveaway? You wouldn’t believe the amount of prizes Mike has amassed – check this out:

One Heck of a Giveaway Contest by Bloggin’ Ads – Prize List


There are going to be 12 different groups of prizes, which means there are going to be a total of 12 different winners. By adding up the value of all the prizes, I would say it is worth a least $1,000. Just for Max’s sponsorship of “500″ One Buck Wiki pages total a value of $500, which makes it one heck of a contest.

*Group 1*

*Group 2*

*Group 3*

*Group 4*

*Group 5*

*Group 6*

*Group 7*

*Group 8*

*Group 9*

*Group 10*

*Group 11*

*Group 12*

  • 500EC, 2 month 125×125 ad spot (ABC)
  • 1 month 125×125 ad spot (Contest Time)
  • 1 Month 125×125 ad spot (Read To Me Dad)
  • 1 month 125×125 ad spot (Rhyan)
  • Blog directory submission (5 keyword phrases) (SEO News)

Every contestant is only able to win once. *EC = Entrecard Credits*

That’s one heck of a prize list isn’t it? There are 12 prize categories so there will be 12 winners! There are 60 prizes in all (each person will win 5 for each category) and they are valued in total at over $1,000! Now that is “One Heck of a Giveaway Contest”!

Visit Bloggin’ Ads now to find out how to get tickets for the contest!

Are you participating or sponsoring this contest? Have you run a successful contest before? Let us know by commenting now!