Have you ever wanted to restrict access to a page or post, or create a members only website in WordPress? There are lots of great plugins out there that you hear people talking about all the time like Amember, S2 Member, Wishlist Member – some are premium (paid) some are free.

We ran into a situation recently where we wanted to restrict access to an entire website – all but a couple pages. We needed to do it quick, didn’t want to create any membership roles, and just wanted the solution “to work” out of the box.

Every now and then a plugin comes along that just fits the bill for a particular solution – and that’s what happened when we met WordPress Access Control.

All you have to do is install the plugin and click the most basic options:


In the image above (click for full view) all you have to do in general options is click “make blog members only”. You can redirect people to a custom login page if you want. Please note here as well that this plugin completely supports custom post types. You can choose do display pages and posts in menus (or not) as well.


Choose the default post state for both pages and posts and quickly choose who can access it (all or particular roles). You can setup specific foles, but it’s completely not required. The s2Member roles listed here are from another plugin we had installed.


Last you have options to show or not show results in search.

So once the plugin is installed in addition to the “default” out of the box options, you also have these options on the top right of every edit screen for pages and posts (above the publish box).

We need this plugin to create a development staging environment for WordPress to do some work for a client. We didn’t want the dev site to be publicly viewable or indexable by search engines, and in about 30 seconds with this plugin installed we had achieved that! Hopefully you find it just as easy to restrict access with the WordPress Access Control plugin.

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