WordPress 100 Things Today I’m giving the presentation “100 Things You Should Know About WordPress” at WordCamp Columbus. I’ve given this presentation once before, with Anthony Montalbano (founder of WordCamp Detroit) at WordPress Ann Arbor. The previous 100 Things You Should Know About WordPress page is here.


Basically it’s 10 slides with 10 things on 10 topics that are about or affect WordPress. Tips, tricks, and best practices are presented – in kind of a rapid-fire format (lol). Some of the content would be more beginner or intermediate – but there is definitely points and nuggets of wisdom for all levels of WordPress experience.

The 10 Topics are (drumroll please…)

1. Webhosting and WordPress
2. Setup and Installing WordPress
3. Choosing a WordPress Theme
4. WordPress Security
5. Default Plugins to Install
6. Content Creation
7. Theme Modification
8. Fundamental Plugins to Install
9. Content Organization
10. WordPress Resources

The full slide deck for the presentation is on SlideShare – feel free to download, embed on your own website, etc.

In the presentation there’s one slide for each of those 10 items, and of course everybody will want the links and resources that go along with each. So, each of the 10 above is linked to the appropriate content page – so you can get everything you need (if you were there in person, or even if you weren’t!).