Unless you’re consistently getting first page Google rankings for every target keyword you have, you should be regularly reading SEO blogs. Even if you good at ranking #1, search engines are changing thing all the time – you want to stay on top of the trends. You might notice some of the trends on your own, but having confirmation from other experts is good. You might even learn some new techniques, or learn about some new tools.

Start the new year right and learn how to rank better! Here are 15 SEO blogs you should be reading (in no particular order – really….=))

1. The SEOMoz Blog

SEOMoz is where the experts hang out. You may not need or want to pay $99 for their monthly membership, but their blog posts something every day. Free SEO nuggets from the experts – you can’t beat that!

2. SEOBook.com Blog

Aaron Wall doesn’t post as much on the SEOBook blog as SEOMoz, but he’s a thought leader in the SEO community. It’s worth keeping tabs on what he has to say.

3. Hobo SEO Blog

Hobo SEO is a great blog I picked up last year, offering frank advice with a no BS attitude. His last post was November 2010 – hopefully he resumes posting soon. He shares real world results, and testing techniques in his posts about ranking, and if you do any kind of affiliate marketing you’ll find them very insightful.

4. Search Engine People Blog

Some of the content is a little predictable (for me), but you can still find some nuggets here from time to time. It’s nice to get tips based on experience from an actual SEO company.

5. Cornwall SEO Blog

The thing I like about the Cornwall SEO blog is that most of what they post seems to be what I’m already thinking. Like this post about spam comments, or this one about Why Stumbleupon is not dead. Great information, and multiple posts per week.

*****BREAK TIME******

This would be a good time to point out something. Did you notice that the first 5 blogs actually had their blog in a sub-directory of the web site? In other words, the root domain was a static page to promote the business? Take note – if this is what top SEO’s are doing on their own web site…there’s probably a reason!

*****end of BREAK TIME******

6. Sebastians Pamphlets

So, now that I’ve shown you all the bright and shiny SEO sites from some great experts, it’s time to roll out Sebastian. Sebastian has lots os wisdom about SEO to share – just be forewarned that it’s usually wrapped in some pretty colorful language and words! Also be on the lookout for sarcasm, and lots of cynicism. If you can get past that – there’s some great content.

7. SEO by the Sea Blog

Lots of great posts here about google, SEO, and social media. A good bit of knowledge on a lot of topics.

8. We Build Pages Blog

The posting frequency here isn’t massive, but the posts are great when you get them. Lots of good resources and links in each post, with some great recent posts about paid links, the new Blekko search engine, and inbound links.

9. Graywolf’s SEO Blog

Michael Grey is a well known and respected SEO expert. If you haven’t been to his site in awhile – be prepard to get lost for awhile. I’ve been reading his blog for a long time simply because he writes a lot about SEO and making money – or monetization (which is my thing as well).

10. SEO 2.0 Blog

Great posts about SEO. Quality posts with lots of content. Tad seems a bit opinionated – but that’s because he knows his stuff. Learn from the thoughts of a working SEO.

11. Search Engine Land

Probably the oldest, and maybe the first SEO blog I ever read. Think of it as c|net for SEO. A lot of the posts are more mainstream for business type SEO – and not the granular “this is what I found” type of posts from freelance SEO blogs, but there’s definitely some great information here. Check back on a regular basis.

12. Search Engine Round Table

Same as Search Engine Land. Rinse and repeat.

13. Wiep.net Link Building Blog

Ok, somebody is already yelling from the sidelines “that’s not an SEO blog”. Baloney. Linkbuilding and optimization go hand and hand. If you own a web site, a day should not go by that you don’t think about linkbuilding. Great content here – probably worth it’s weight in gold.

14. SEOptimise Blog

Great SEO posts over there. You seem to get a couple per month or more, check back every week or two.

15. Kenny Hyder Blog

You may not have seen this one yet, but Kenny writes good stuff about SEO, branding, online marketing, and blogging. In other words – just about everything you’re interested in (if you’re reading this!).