I thought I’d post a quick comment to let you know that if you’re just reading my blog, or subscribed to my feed – you’re missing out!

There’s another part of this site (that’s gaining momentum) – and that the JTPratt’s Blogging Mistakes Forum! I don’t always have time to post everything on the blog, and I kind of reserve that for longer in-depth articles. You could always follow JTPratt on Twitter, but I don’t always post their either.

When I have something short and sweet to say – I often put it in the forum.

Here’s what you missed out on today:

You should definitely check out the forum! The forum home, and each and every topic has it’s own RSS feed if want to get specific notifications for certain subjects.

You may be wondering how I installed a forum in my WordPress blog. If that’s the case, maybe you haven’t checked out my series 30 WordPress Hacks in 30 Days, because you must have missed WordPress Hack #16: Adding a Forum to WordPress!