In this WP Robot Review, we’re going to talk about all the new features that have come out since my long since outdated original WP Robot Revew. Now WP Robot 3 not only has many additional features, but the way you utilize it within your site is much easier as well.

I’ve said this many, many times in countless reviews of automated tools on this blog – but I want to say it again (if this is your first time here). WP Robot is a premium WordPress plugin that you can purchase to create and augment content within your WP blog or web site. If you want to be successful using it, you’re best off manually editing every single post WP Robot creates, so you publish entirely original content posts. If you use WP Robot to completely “autopost” content from other sources on your site entirely – then you’re nothing better than a spammer or scraper site. In addition, you’ll see first hand that google will drop you like a hot potato if this is all your web site does.

Best Practices for WP Robot 3 Usage: Use the plugin as tool to augment your web site. For instance, I have a web site where I review guitar gear. WP Robot helps me find new products to promote, new video reviews, find questions online people have asked (that I can answer), it helps with price comparison, translations, images, and more. I no longer have to scour the web for things to write about, and supporting content for posts – WP Robot does it all for me within my blog(s).


You can see in the image to the left that once you install and activate WP Robot 3 the options are pretty simple. You can manage or create a “campaign”, and then you have options, templates, and a log.



Setting up WP Robot 3

Once installed you have some general options:


One of the first options is to have the WP Robot posts “published” immediately, or go to “draft”. All my posts always go to draft, because I would never just repost content from another site (it won’t do any good for my blog). You can randomize your post times, comments, auto-create tags, and cloak affiliate links. If your keywords or topic is close to something similar, you can exclude certain keywords to prevent certain things from showing up as well.

WP Robot Review

Here we see that we can enter Amazon options, Article options, and clickbank options to pull content from these 3 places. Clickbank and Amazon are used as “affiliate” sites – places to get products you can review, and if some clicks to buy, you get a commission. It’s always best to write your own “mini-review” of each product before the yahoo description – google is pretty darn good at figuring out that you just lifted an image and description from a matching Amazon page. Add your own content, and google won’t mind at all. You almost have to do that with Clickbank items, since the descriptions usually aren’t that good anyway. For articles, I do the same – but the original content I add is basically an introduction to the article.

WP Robot Review

These are the available options for pulling content from eBay, Flickr, and Yahoo Answers. I’ve used ebay auctions at the end of posts for years. It’s great to write a review of something, and then show the item available in live auctions. Never try to make auctions the sole bit of content in a post – it’s not worth a google penalty (I’ve had them all). Flickr pulls are only images anyway – so they need to have orignal content added to those posts are they won’t get indexed for much of anything. Yahoo answers pulls are perfect though, because you can post the question, and the answer – and they your own answer right after it! Some of my best posts have come from Yahoo Answers.

WPRobot Review

Yahoo News, YouTube, and RSS feeds can also be used as options to get content from. Yahoo News is great for showing breaking news, and then writing your own opinion in the post as the original content. Professional news sources quote other places all the time. YouTube can be used for product reviews, lessons, and all kinds of other things – provided you add textual content before and / or after the video. RSS feeds are tricky, you don’t want to steal content, but it’s great sometimes to pull headlines from places to augment a post, or even from somewhere like Craigslist.

WPRobot Review

in the image above, you can setup translations for any content you pull (great for international sites), and you the ability to pull “tweets” from twitter as well.

WP Robot Review 3

New in version 3 of WP Robot is the ability to get products from Commission Junction (CJ), and Oodle. Personally I don’t know why you would want to pull content from Oodle, since it’s not really a classified site at all and it just scrapes content from 100 other sites. It also mixes in eBay auctions and affiliate products at times, which (in my opinion) screws you out of the opportunity to monetize the post yourself. Commission Junction, on the other hand is one of the oldest and largest affiliate houses online, with thousands and thousands of merchants to get products from.

How to Use WP Robot

Press release options aren’t available (yet), but you can get products from Shopzilla, and the final option is the ability to control error handling.

How to Use WP Robot 3

WP Robot 3 is one of the most powerful plugins on the market today for augmenting content. We’re going to take a look at how to add a new “Campaign”:

WP Robot Setup Review

The first thing you choose is they type of campaign. You have 3 choices, keyword campaign, rss campaign, and browsernode campaign. The first is of course creating posts from keywords. The second, creating posts from RSS feeds (other sites). The third is creating posts from specific Amazon categories.

Next, in main settings you choose some keywords, one phrase per line. On the right you type in the categories you want to post to, and below you choose how often to post. You can also choose to create categories if they don’t exist.

WP Robot Review

Next you choose how your post is created using a “Post Template”. By default you have 1 template that will get used 100% of the time. However, you can choose for a keyword campaign to have say 4 templates used 25% of the time, or 5 used 20% of the time, etc. As long as percentage for all templates adds up to 100% – you’re good. You can choose to save and load templates that you’ve made in the past – for the purposes of this review, we’re just going to keep it simple and use 1 template for all the keywords (a default template).

I wanted Amazon items, so on the “load preset” area I choose “Amazon Default” from the dropdown, and then the “load” button”. The post title and post content area are automatically filled out for me. You could setup the titles any way you wanted, and you can put as many things as you want in the post content area, but until you understand how the template tags work – it’s probably best to just stick with the default templates at first.

WP Robot Template Tags

When you load a default post template, the title and post content area are filled out automatically. You can see when I loaded the example, there seems to be some options other then just the template tags themselves, like {amazon}.

For instance, if you just use {amazontitle} in post title, all you get is the original title from the amazon product listing.

If you use this in post title:
{amazontitle}[random:20] Reviews[/random]

It will show the amazon title, but 20% of the time it will randomly add a space and then “Reviews” at the end of the title.

This will show the name of your keyword, and 50% of the time the amazon title and 50% of the time an ebay title (as long as you use both amazon and ebay in the post content area.
{keyword} [random:50]{amazontitle}[/random][random:50]{ebaytitle[/random]

You can do the same exact things in the post content areas. This is my default for amazon posts, it shows one amazon product, a second amazon product 15% of the time, and 2 ebay auctions after that 50% of the time:
[random:50]{ebay} {ebay}[/random]

If you look at the WP Robot template tag page, you’ll find all kinds of ways to create the perfect post titles.

WP Robot Review

You have some pretty amazing “optional settings for each campaign as well. You can choose to to replace or exclude keywords. This can be good if internationally a word is spelled differently than the products origination country. You can exclude keywords too, so say if you’re looking for “pee wee baseball”, and you get “pee wee herman” a lot – you can weed that out.

You can choose specific amazon departments, or ebay categories. You can even add custom tags for uses in advanced themes. You can translate posts from one language to another (even comments), and you can have a “delayed start” for your campaign as well.

WP Robot Review

Once you’ve added a campaign, from the main screen you can see each campaign you’ve added, the keywords, categories, how many posts have been created, and when the next post is set ot occur. You can copy, edit, delete, pause, or “post now” from any campaign, and below you can bulk post (from all campaigns), and even backdate.

WP Robot Review

Click on any campaign to edit it, and you have the same bulk post and backdating options. You also get a log of posts that have occured, and you can see in the example above (click for full view), if you have multiple sources of content, and one or more couldn’t get data – the log will tell you.

Below that in “keywords overview” you also see how many posts have been created for each keywords, and in what categories. You an also edit your campaign at any time, going back to the same screen as when you orignally created it, and edit the keywords, content, etc.

Building Sites with WP Robot 3

Beyond the initial setup, by adding “campaigns” to WP Robot you can target specific keywords and post relevant content quickly. You could use WP Robot to get new product ideas to write reviews about, to offer relevant content and items to an already successful blog, or to build up a new blog or WP powered site.

You have unlimited potential for post creation, with the ability to mix content from all kinds of different places in a single post. You can complete control over titles and post content, with the ability to randomly mix just about whatever you want. The possibilities are literally endless!

My advice to you is to try WP Robot for yourself right away, it will probably become one of the more valuable affiliate plugins that you’ll own. One of the nice things about purchasing WP Robot 3 is that you can buy all the features at once, or just the modules you need (ala carte).

Click Here to Visit the WP Robot Site


Disclosure: The link above is an affiliate link. We hope you’ve liked our review of WP Robot and it’s features. We actually use it on many of our web sites, and if you click that link and purchase the product, we’ll get a small affiliate commission for the referral (that’s how we pay the bills around here).