This is my review of the WP Robot WordPress plugin that can be used to automate affiliate content and posting to your blog. You can also use this plugin to enhance building a WordPress Affiliate Store. Disclosure: If you buy WP Robot by clicking on the banner above, or the link at the end of this article – I will make a commission for referring you. It’s nice to make a little extra money for all this free information and content I give away – this blog takes hundreds of hours to maintain, and when you buy through me it validates I gave you a good review and my content is useful to those of you trying to earn money online. In addition – I actually use WP Robot, it’s a great product.

WP Robot is a WordPress plugin that has features no other plugin (I’ve seen so far) has. It’s main function is to “autopost” content to your blog so you don’t have to. To many (including me) that spells one thing: SPAM. I’m going to show you how I use WP Robot as a legitimate way to monetize my blogs, create new content, and augment my affiliate stores.

First of all – don’t make me tell you (again) that I don’t believe in blogs and sites that have nothing but affiliate links – and no real content that provides value to anyone. I mean, if you want to setup a wordpress blog or web site with nothing but affiliate links and just push PPC (adwords) traffic to it all day long – more power to you. In that case, you won’t care if you’re ranked in search engines or not. While I do manage adwords campaigns for my clients, most of my time with my own wordpress affiliate stores is spent building authority to rank for targeted organic search terms. To do this, and do it well – you need a quality site with quality content that provides real value to visitors and that doesn’t come off as spammy. If you just installed WP Robot out of the box and started autoposting stuff – you would have created an instant spam site.

What WP ROBOT does

Before I go any further – here’s a list of features this plugin can provide (I think you’ll find it MOST impressive):

  • autoposting in “draft” or “published” status
  • randomization of post creation times
  • automatic tag creation (you can turn this off)
  • add Amazon products with affiliate links automatically
  • post reviews for amazon products as post “comments”
  • ability to post all products in specific amazon categories
  • create post content from one of two article directories
  • pull and post items from clickbank with affiliate links
  • pull products from eBay and embed RSS feed in posts with affiliate links
  • pull and post content from Yahoo answers (any country)
  • pull and post content from YouTube by keyword
  • post YouTube comments as post comments
  • pull items from flickr based on keyword
  • translate any created posts into 9 different languages
  • automated link cloaking
  • ability to post content from Yahoo news
  • ability to backdate and schedule posts
  • ability to publish content from any RSS feed

Choose How Much WP Robot Does

Another unique feature of WP Robot is it’s modular nature. The base core plugin manages keywords (which I’ll explain in the next section). The free version of WP Robot manages 20 keywords, the advanced version manages 50 keywords ($15), and the elite version manages unlimited keywords ($30). Once you have a “core” – you can add “modules”. Add the “amazon module” for $40. Add the YouTube module for $15. You can mix and match modules to make the plugin do as much (or as little) as you want. You can get it all with the elite version for $169 (currently you can get $20 off elite with the keyword “robots” at checkout), or you could just get the free core and YouTube module for only $15!

WP Robot has options Galore


Here’s the general options for WP Robot. You can choose from draft or published posts, how many hours between random posts, and tagging options.


These are the WP Robot Amazon options, and there are lots of choices here such as broad or exact match, the number of words to get from the description, you can skip products if there’s no description or picture, and even control the posting “template”.


These options are for adding articles from either Articlesbase or Sooperarticles, and Clickbank. You can control the template for either, and choose to filter ads from Clickbank items.


This option is for adding eBay items where you can control country, language, whether or not to add RSS feeds (or hardcode the auctions), and the template for posting the eBay items as well.


With Yahoo answers content you can choose to leave the attribution link back to Yahoo (or not), which country, and the template for posting questions.


With the YouTube and Flickr modules you can control, language, video size, templates, images size, content type, and relevance.


The last options available are for translation. You can not only choose what to translate (auctions, amazon items, articles, etc.), you can choose to only translate post titles if you want, and you can translate any post into 3 additional languages. This is a great feature for multilingual or multicultural sites.

How does WP Robot work?

Well, now that you’ve seen all the features and modules that you can use – it’s time to see how this whole thing works. You enter keywords into WP Robot, and setup options for each keyword.


This is the entry box for adding keywords. Chose a keyword, and “category” are your wordpress categories. Choose how often to post (in days or hours), and what to post. The options you have available are the modules you have installed. You can choose one (or all) available items to create posts for. If you choose more than one option for keyword, WP Robot will choose an item randomly based on the “probabilities” you entered in another setup screen – where you choose what percentage of the time to use each item. The items in the third column are specific catetgories and departments for Amazon, eBay, and Yahoo Answers.


Once you have entered keywords they are listed in the main plugin admin, showing what category they are posting to, how many posts have been created with what modules, and when the next post is scheduled for. By adding in multiple keywords drawing content and affiliate items from multiple areas – posting in multiple categories, you can build up content in a WordPress blog pretty quickly.

What About Duplicate Content and Spam?

I know, now you’re drooling at the mouth from all these features, but you remember what I said earlier about a “spam” site – don’t you? You should, don’t buy this plugin and create yet another useless garbage site. Also – don’t buy it, put it on auto-pilot, and expect to be the next online millionaire automatically either. If you autopost everything you’ll probably get deindexed by google and get no where.

Here are some rules for success that I follow with this plugin:

  • Set all auto-posts to “draft” status on creation
  • don’t auto-create tags
  • don’t publish anything with this plugin without 2-3 paragraphs (100-500 words) of your own original content
  • don’t be afraid to add additional content to posts (add say YouTube video by hand to an amazon post
  • post a mixture of both content and products
  • not all posts have to be monetized
  • post something original you wrote each week (not generated by WP Robot at all
  • build backlinks and authority to your site slowly
  • create supporting “pages” in your wordpress site (that aren’t posts) with rich original content
  • never use the auto-created title, write your own for each autopost

View two autoposts I rewrote for my test site:
Engines of Sodor T-Shirt
My Thomas Videos


I can’t imagine anyone that wouldn’t benefit from this wonderful plugin. Just make sure you use it, and don’t abuse it! Like I said, you can buy as few or as many modules as you want – so you can’t say that this isn’t affordable, and you can use it for monetization OR content building purposes!

Even though this is billed as an “autoposting” plugin, I can honestly say that’s not why I wanted to use it. I set my keywords to create one post per day – and then I know I have to go and rewrite and “publish” them. I don’t have to find products to review anymore, or come up with content ideas AT ALL! I just login to my dashboard, go to my “drafts” – and there they are just waiting for me! Some days it took as long (or longer) to find something to write and blog about – as it did to write and monetize a post! Now – I don’t have to worry about that anymore! Click here to visit the official WP Robot web site. I hope you enjoy this plugin as much as I do!