WP EASYBAY™ - eBay affiliate plugin for WordPress has launched! My name is John T. Pratt (JTPratt), co-owner of the new WP EASYBAY ebay affiliate plugin for WordPress! I’m proud to say that the product is now for sale at WP-EASYBAY.com!

WP EASYBAY™ is an eBay affiliate plugin that places auctions in eBay posts and pages. You can augment your content and make extra money, OR even build an entire affiliate store! There are other eBay auction plugins for WordPress on the market, but none have all the features we do (and we’re adding more!).

easybay-sidebar-widget Check out the BONUS Sidebar widget (at left)! You can add auctions in row or column layouts (or both on the same page)! You can set default settings for all auctions in plugin admin, OR OVERRIDE any individual setting with advanced parameters in single tags – you have TOTAL Control!

Look at all the features:

  • Tracking Provider: choose from Be Free, Affilinet, TradeDoubler, MediaPlex, DoubleClick, Allyes, BJMT, or eBay Partner Network
  • Affiliate ID: enter your affiliate or campaign ID number
  • eBay Site: choose from 16 countries
  • sellerid: include and/or exclude sellerid’s to list your own or a specific seller’s eBay auctions
  • Bid Count: minimum and/or maximum bid count to filter auctions by
  • Items Located in Country: choose which country for items to be located in by default
  • Items Available in Country: limit auctions to those available in a particular country
  • Postal Code: limit auctions to a particular postal code (only works with Max Distance)
  • Max Distance: only show auctions with xx miles or kilometers of a postal code
  • Number of Rows: number of auction rows to show by default
  • Column or Row Display: display auctions in columns, rows (or both!)
  • Image Only: only show auctions with images
  • Show Buy It Now: shows buy it now links when available
  • Date Format: choose up to 5 date formats when displaying auctions
  • Localization options: Translate the words “Bid”, “Bids”, “End Time”, and “Buy It Now” to your language if necessary
  • Advanced Programming Options: any parameter can be passed to EASYBAY tags using POST or GET allowing you to setup specific advanced search forms where visitors can enter their own specific search parameter(s) (such as zip code or bid amount). See below for live example.

The advanced programming options is a feature you won’t find in ANY OTHER PLUGIN!  Check this out – with just a little programming ability, you can build a form and pass vars into the WP EASYBAY™ tag and let visitors customize their OWN AUCTION RESULTS!

Just take a look at the image below, or view it live here!


In the very near future I’ll be writing a series on how to build up an entirely new niche store using WP EASYBAY™.

Key Things About WP EASYBAY™ you need to know

  1. So easy a monkey could use it
  2. Sidebar Widget
  3. Advanced control of every option at the tag level
  4. Advanced programming options
  5. LIFETIME FREE Upgrades!
  6. Affiliate program (signup to make money now!)
  7. ONLY $39!!!

You can read more about WP EASYBAY here!