9. How to Assign and Show Category Images in WordPress

Most themes list the categories that the post was assiged to either with the header title or after the content (or both). One thing that many people want to do is to be able to assign images to the category names and display them instead of the text. I do this, and I wrote up how to do it in one of my most popular posts to date WordPress Theme Hack Show Category Images. My hack works, the code still works – but guess what? Like all things, there is now a better way to do this, and of course the Category Icons WordPress Plugin. It’s a beautiful plugin only out a few months now, well documented and supported. Everything is configurable from the options menu, you can use it on your index (home) page, post pages, or even your sidebar! You can do icons only, or text and icons, and it comes with a widget for the sidebar. So, you can use my code in that previous article if you want – but if you want to assign images, graphics, or icons to WordPress categories I think you should just use this plugin instead.