Have you ever wanted to add save or export as PDF capability to WordPress? A few years back I used to have a printer friendly page link on every page of this site. Then one day when I had to dust off my printer just to use the scanner portion – I realized that not too many people print things out anymore. Everything is digital nowadays! But the Internet is just SO full of digital information that sometimes you just can’t digest it all. I save bookmarks all the time, and copy and paste useful code – but half the time I lose it or forget where I put it.

The other day I came across a unique new little WordPress plugin called “Post2PDF” that will convert any post to a PDF file on the fly! I downloaded and installed it, and it didn’t even have an options page that I could find – it just works. In the plugin page description it has some comment code you can add to any page you want to be “exluded” from the “covert to PDF” option, but other that it works on every page and post in your blog.

Install the plugin and it adds this to your posts and pages:

convert to pdf wordpress page example

When you click on it you are prompted to save or open the PDF file:

convert to pdf save example

Once you open it the PDF file will vary depending on how the plugin could convert your page. It seems to convert links seamlessly, and bold and headings, but even thought it says the images tag (img) is supported, it didn’t covert any images for me. In fact on a few pages it refused to produce a PDF because it had a problem trying to find the image in my /wp-content/images directory.

Here’s an example of one of my posts converted to PDF:

post2pdf pdf file

The nice thing about this plugin is that it automatically puts timestamps at the beginning of the file and copyright information at the bottom of each page. I don’t like that it puts your admin WordPress email address in the beginning of the file though. Maybe that will change in future versions.

One of the features I hadn’t even mentioned yet was “category to PDF”! I don’t supposed this would work for every blog, but I really like the fact that it puts an icon next to your categories in your sidebar, and when you click it – it generates a PDF file with all the post from that category! This is VERY handy.

Personally, I’m going to wait until the plugin matures just a little bit – I’d prefer to see some setup options and the image function work a bit better. But this is definitely a plugin to watch – and I haven’t seen anything like this before.

Download Post2PDF here