Will Work for Backlinks

Will Work for Backlinks

I will work for backlinks! There, I said it. I own 48 domains and I have 28 online working web sites. Due to the time constraints of working online for a living – I just don’t have the time to build all the links I need for all my sites. Building backlinks is a manual, time consuming task. It’s tedious, and something I don’t always like to do – so I put it off. I could hire someone in another country to do this for pennies per hour. I have perused a lot of listings on those “freelance” web sites. Instead – I’d like to try something a little more interesting.

Do you know how to build links? Can you comment on blogs, submit to directories, write articles for article directories, post in forums, or build links through social media? If you can – we might be able to work something out. The thing I like the most about working online is the “barter system”. Like the ads on Craigslist that say, “I want an Xbox 360, willling to trade 2 kittens and a 1978 rusted Ford Pinto”. I’ve worked out many deals in the past for online work. I’m willing to barter my services for your backlink building time.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have a full time roster of clients that keeps me busy from dawn to dusk – and my time as a Wordpess Consultant and SEO expert is valuable. But as long as you can follow directions to linkbuilding purposes (and have a little time to spare), I can trade some hours each week for backlinks.

Things I would be willing to trade for backlinks:
-wordpress upgrades
-wordpress security work
-SEO work
-wordpress theme hacks
-online marketing help
-quality one-way links

Interested? Have a little time to spare? I will work for backlinks – just use my contact page to make me an offer!