I just wanted to take a minute to update all the readers of jtpratt.com – and those of you subscribed via RSS what’s been going on behind the scenes here at jtpratt.com. This week has been plagued by quite a few web hosting snafus – even though I have 3 different web hosts! I’ve had problems with BANS sites, WordPress sites, and WP plugins – so bear with me which I fix all these issues, move a bunch of sites around, and acquire yet another (and bigger) web host because my little enterprise of sites is growing.

I apologize for not having the “30 WordPress Hacks in 30 Days” up to date, in addition to the BANS series (which is seriously behind in content). The good news is, I have a tendency to document everything I do and write it up into articles to help you be a better blogger and learn about the pitfalls of working and building a business online. This means that you once again, will be getting content from me in the very near future that you won’t find anywhere else – regarding all the issues I’ve been having.

Working online is not all roses, especially the first few years. Did you know that in brick and mortar small businesses 90% are lucky to even make a profit the first two years? Most are lucky to not have to close their doors in that time. All too often I read about a “guru’s success” and huge profit online – but it all sounds like a walk in the park. They want you to buy their $87 eBook that will “change your life”, and everything they say is hype, hype, hype. Have you ever read a sales pitch page that contained something negative? Ever seen an online marketer’s page that had both “pros” and “cons”?

The posts and articles that I write for you come from an incessant need for me to document information that I myself had a hard time finding. The information is free, and I’m not trying to “build my list” or convince you to buy things I think are “awesome” so I can make an affiliate commission. Sure, I’ll put my affiliate links out there – and if you choose to buy something through me or click on my ads, that’s great, but I’m not John Chow and I don’t “Make a living telling people how much money I make online”. In fact, – (at the present time) I don’t even make a living telling people my struggles trying to make a living online.

My goal with this site has been to help you become successful by watching me fail 10,000 times. Be learning from those mistakes – it should be easier for you to do well with your online business (but no less work). I will give you the good, the bad, and the ugly – and hopefully the end result of this site will become “how I became successful online”. For now – we’re still muddling through the mistakes and gaining some traction, but I promise if you stick with me and work hard – you will begin to build a monthly income online as well.

Be on the lookout for my next post, which will be “JTPratt’s Guide to Web Hosting”. It contains everything I wish someone had told me 5 years about about web hosting accounts, and invaluable advice for growing sites and blogs. I have 46 pending drafts for this site and a dozen more written down on paper I haven’t entered yet. The best has yet to come.