I was driving down the road yesterday afternoon when I heard a radio ad for a web site called “Cars for A Grand. The ad said the web site had all cars under $1,000 – some ran good and some were better for project cars to work on. I’m actually in the market for a junker, so I called my wife and left her a voicemail to check out the site before I got back home. The ad specifically said “cars for sale in your area under $1,000” – it made me take notice.

I went to an appointment and then went home and asked my wife if she checked out the web site or not and she said “yeah, but all the cars are eBay…” I thought that was kinda weird, and had to check it out for myself. The web site was nothing more than a bunch of listings from eBay motors – basically a BANS niche store for cars. It was setup to punch in your zip code and it would show you listings in your area.

Most people would look at that and think “so what?” I thought “wow, that was pretty damn smart!” I mean, the eBay affiliate that did that was really thinking (and willing to invest a little bit of money). He setup a great eBay affiliate site, and then instead of taking the time to build traffic, links, pagerank (it doesn’t even have one) – he put an ad on the radio to generate INSTANT traffic! And you know, I believe eBay motors pays $25 commission per car sold!

Do you have a unique web site marketing technique to share? What’s the strangest way you’ve ever seen a web site or blog promoted?