You know, I see a lot of “top wordpress plugin” lists on all kinds of blogs (including mine)…but I never seem to see a “wordpress plugin wishlist”. I got to thinking, if I had the money to pay someone, or could tell a really good coder the exact kinds of things I would like to be able to do in WordPress – what would they be? And from that – I’ve written my list of top wordpress plugins I would like to see created!

  1. eBay Affilliate WordPress Plugin: For me, this would be the end-all be-all plugin to have. The holy grail of monetization for a blog. It probably wouldn’t be the top one for everyone, but look at the success of Auction Ads. They’ve now surpassed 25,000 publishers in just 6 months. That tells you that people were very hungry for an eBay affilliate tool (beyond what eBay provides). I mean, who wants to visit eBay and use the editor kit every time you want to add some relevant auctions to your posts and pages? I’ve done it many times and it’s a pain in the ass. I’ve tried auction ads, but all you can do is select blocks (like adsense sizes) to display auctions in dynamically using keywords. I want to have more control, and be able to drag and drop into posts and pages. Now then – if you haven’t already seen it, let me introduce you to the wp-amazon wordpress plugin. This is probably one of the best designed and easiest used wordpress plugin I’ve ever seen. Once installed, you just click on the amazon “a” in the right hand side of the page anytime your writing a post and a sidebar pops out with a search box. You enter some keywords, and results from amazon appear. You have a choice of small or large pic, and you drag and drop items (with your affiliate link included) into your blog post. You can drag pics, and you can drag (description) links. I suggested to the author that he take the exact same plugin and retrofit it to connect with and grab eBay items with your affiliate ID attached, but I haven’t hear much other than a comment that said “that would be cool”.Whoever creates this will be an instant wordpress plugin superstar, and probably get “dugg” to death literally over night.
  2. Feedburner Admin WordPress Plugin: I have many sites and blogs, and many feedburner feeds. Even if I only had one site, I would want this plugin. There already a Feedburner Feedsmith WordPress Plugin, but I want a Feedburner plugin that will give me admin stats in my blog about rss subscribers, email subscribers, etc – right from my WP Dashboard (or sub-page). It would also be nice if this plugin would allow me to add other blogs I own, and view all my stats for different domains from one WP Dashboard – so I don’t have to visit every blog every day
  3. Multi-Domain WP-Stat Dashboard WordPress Plugin: Piggy-backing on the last idea, I would like a WP plugin for my Dashboard where I could enter other blogs or sites I own, and the login info, and it would grab stats from them and display it on one page nicely formatted! Google analytics is nice and all, but a WP Dashboard page like this would show me at a glance where I had comments to approve, which sites were getting the most activity, the last time I posted, kind of like what bSuite does, but for multiple WP sites. Wow, would this one be a timesaver (for me)
  4. Social Site Submission Plugin for WordPress: There a bunch of WP plugins that will put social site (digg, reddit, stumble, etc.) icons and links at the bottom of your posts. But I’ve yet to see one that will help you actually submit your posts to these sites. This would be another admin only plugin, but would let you enter your login info for digg, or reddit, or other sites, and submit a URL and a description. With an open URL text field, you could even submit other sites if you wanted from your admin panel.
  5. Copyright Plugin for WordPress: I haven’t avidly searched for this, nor have I come across a plugin specifically for copyright issues. I would like a WP plugin that would handle all of your copyright needs for a blog. Like adding a copyright notice (with dynamic date) to the end of every post, and even in the footer. Who wants to copy and paste this every time or hardcode it in their theme? A plugin makes it easier to update and manage, and it will cover every post you’ve ever written (and your rss feed).
  6. “FrontPage Designer” Plugin for WordPresss: This one is a bit harder to explain, and it would take a reaaaaally good designer and coder to build a nifty UI to pull this off. I will mangle the code in my WP theme when I have to. I prefer not to. I plugin that keeps me from puttering around in the code is awesome! I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to change the front page (or other pages / posts) of my blog. Not the sidebars – the frontpage. Most blogs are standard format….post, date, permalink, comment count….post, date, permalink, comment count. I have used plugins that would insert any content you wanted after the title, after the post, ramdomly in the post, etc. What I really want is a plugin that will allow me to change my front page layout anyway I want to. Think of it like an old school (html) wysiwig table editor. You start with a box. Then you add a table header (headline row). Then you split the bottom remainder into 2 columns. Then you split one of those cells into 2 more cells. Then you specify where the “posts” will go (top left, right, bottom, wherever…). And then you can specify (in the remaining cells) items you want and place text, code, or images there. You’ve probably seen WP blogs that looked like a newsletter, or sites that were using WordPress and you didn’t even know it (because of the non-standard layout). What did they do? They custom coded or masterfully hacked a wordpress theme. Give the power to the people man!! A plugin allowing you to “design your own FrontPage” would keep a ton of people from trying to hack up themes, and give them bunches of time back to keep writing content.
  7. Google Webmaster Console WordPress Plugin: How many of us have gone out there and used seo tools to try and figure out our pagerank, or number of pages indexed, checked out our backlinks, or fervishly try to figure out what’s wrong with our google sitemap? Google are you listening? Get someone to create a wordpress plugin (during the “summer of code” maybe? probably too late…) that gives webmasters relevant info at the fingertips from within their blogs. How many pages do I have with pagerank? How many pages do I have indexed? When was I last crawled? Some of the key functions of the console could be available within a very nice WP plugin…..and we would be very happy!
  8. Affiliate Earnings Plugin for WordPress: This is a simple one….very simple. Well, simple in theory anyway. I want to know how much money I’ve made (today, for the week, month, etc) at a glance. But I want to login to my wordpress blog dashboard and see all the places that I use. I want one dashboard with what I made from Amazon, from AdSense, from Kontera, from Commission Junction, and as many others as they could stuff into it. In plugin setup I would check off the monetization services I use, and from the WP Dashboard I could see at a glance whether I was making money or not. This would save me a whoooole bunch of time every week!
  9. Alright – I promised you a Top 10 List of WordPress Plugins I’d like to see created….but I only have 7. But, I’m going to publish this post anyway – and based on YOUR SUGGESTIONS in the comments (or any other hairbrained ideas I come up with), I’ll udpate this post and add the last 3.

    Please COMMENT NOW and tell me what you think of my suggestions so far, and what new suggestions you have!!

    **DISCLAIMER: I don’t code or create wordpress plugins – there are merely suggstions for ones I would looooove to see someone create!