Do you use WordPress Plugins? Where did you find the best ones? Probably from blogs that were using them! The best plugins I’ve found were being used on blogs I read. Sometimes it was easy to figure out what they were called and where to get them, and other times I had to wade through html code and comments to figure it out.

I’ve written about a lot of WordPress plugins, like the Automattic Stats plugin I use, or cForms for a WordPress Contact Form. I’ve written about plugins that make money through eBay and WordPress plugins that display ads – even ones that clean up formattinglike the plugin that escapes code in posts. But I don’t think I’ve ever written a post with every single WordPress plugin I use. That would be hard to keep updated anyway.

Rather than keep a list of the top 10 best WordPress plugins, the WordPress plugins that save the most time, or the most used WordPress plugins – I figure it would be easier to just show you a list of the WordPress plugin I enabled and running right now and use every day! How do I do this? You may find this funny – but I use a plugin to display my WP plugins, I use Lester Chan’s Display Plugins Used. I can’t say enough about Lester’s plugins – they all have worked flawlessly for me! ‘Display Plugins Used’ is a prime example, it shows all active (and inactive if you choose) plugins you have installed. Now I never have to keep an up to date list or constantly keep updating a post about my plugins – you can find them on my ‘WordPress plugins used’ page here!

This doesn’t mean I won’t write, review, or explain plugins in posts again – it just means if you ever wonder how I’m doing something on this blog first view my WordPress plugins used page, and if that doesn’t answer your curiosity – just use my contact form to ask me!

Question or comment about my plugins? Want to talk about what plugins you use? Comment now!