You’ll see in my right sidebar on every page of this site is an ad for my eBay plugin WP-Easybay. I wrote about the WP-Easybay launch last year. I just wanted to take the time to once again explain why I like this plugin so much.

WP-Easybay was created because I couldn’t find an eBay plugin online to do what I wanted it to do in WordPress. I had been endorsing BayRSS for about a year and then the programmer that authored it just seemed to disappear. There was no support and he didn’t even pay his affiliates commissions the last 6 months. Read my archives – I no longer endorse anything from that guy. There was always PHPBay, which is very popular online – but there were two things I didn’t like about it, the cost, and the fact it used the “IonCube loader” which encrypted the source code, and your web hosting server had to support that. At the time not all web hosts had it loaded, but many if not most do now.

Along came Fredrik Ahlen, a programmer with a promising eBay plugin called “UEAL”, and he asked me if I wanted to try it. I did, and then asked a string of questions, can you make it do this, and this, and this. He did add nearly all my suggestions, and a year later we actually decided to officially sell it through clickbank.

Believe it or not, we’re not through with the features yet – the original list I wrote is not yet complete. We have some things planned for 2010 for plugin that will simply AMAZE you! I’ll let you Visit the WP-Easybay site if you want to view the current features.

What I wanted to talk about in this post was why many people end up buying the WP-Easybay plugin, and their experience with it once they get it installed. Recently, I was asked through the contact form of the web site if the plugin would list auctions from an eBay store. I created this test page to show her it would. She bought the plugin 5 minutes later, and send me this testimonial the next day:

I had been searching for quite some time for an Ebay WP Plugin for my WordPress site. I needed something that would specifically target my Ebay Store items and most software that I found did not have the capability to do that. When I came across WP-EasyBay
I emailed the creator of the product and he replied within a few minutes. He actually did a test page for me using my Ebay Store url and it worked like a charm!

It is rare to find someone that stands behind their product and goes above and beyond to answer questions, and seeing exactly how the plugin would display my store items sold me for sure! I will be adding this plugin to my WordPress site and plan to utilize it on my other WP sites as well. It is easy to use and can be manipulated in so many different ways – It is actually far more versatile than many of the other Ebay WP Plugins on the market and very reasonably priced! You will not regret purchasing it as the possibilities are endless with this awesome plugin!

Thanks so much,
Kim H. in Missouri

Sometimes when I get a testimonial like this – I forget to pass it along. I like a product that I don’t have to sell, because my customers sell it for me. That tells me that I did a good job getting the right features in it, documenting it, and supporting it. I like WP-Easybay because I designed it to be the most versatile eBay plugin on the market. Well, ok – Fred does do all the programming work (lol), but I did write the spec, ask for the features, and write the documentation (and do the support).

*UPDATE* – WP-EasyBay is no longer available for sale.

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