There’s a great new free WordPress plugin by MaxBlogPress out called “Stipe Ad” that enables a small strip at the top of every page on your blog. You can place an endless list of rotating text links in that ad block from your WordPress dashboard. It’s great for Clickbank offers, promoting your own eBook, landing pages, PLR offers, you could even promote your own feed there.

Once you download the Plugin, just enable it in your Dashboard and go to “Options -> MBP Stripe Ad” to setup. This is the first part of the setup screen:

Wordpress plugin Stripe Ad setup

You can see that setup is very simple, just add in the text title and the URL for a link, whether you want it to open in a new window or not, and you have the option to assign a weight. The weight determines if want certain links to appear more often than others in the ‘rotation’. Once you add in some links you have a rotation queue that you control. You can disable links if you need to, delete them, change the weight, or change the URL or name once they are in the queue.

Wordpress plugin Stripe Ad admin listings

You have some additional settings for removing the “close” button, disabling stripe ads temporarily, or making the stripe “stick” to the top of the page (even when pages scroll). The advanced options are nice because you can completely control the layout of the stripe ad block. All the normal stylings like font, size, text color, background color, border, alignment, bold, italic, underline – are all available for update. I like the fact that you can change how the stripe is displayed and randomize it a bit if you prefer, every so many visits or days, all the time, after so many visits, etc.

Wordpress plugin Stripe Ad advanced options

You may have seen the clickbank ID at the bottom of this block. This is one of the few free WordPress plugins that you can make money from. The entire plugin I just showed you is completely free. There is a “pro” version coming out with additional features, like the ability to “sell” stripe ads, accept payment and automate placement, etc. In the free version there is a link to MaxBlogPress, which of course can be removed in the free version. If someone clicks that link and buys the pro version, or other plugins or products at MaxBlogPress you get an affiliate commission. Not bad!

I like the stripe ad because it’s non-intrusive and it’s using a space I hadn’t previously taken advantage of. I’m trying some clickbank offers there for now to see how well that works. In the future I may sell spots there. I see even John Chow is now using Stripe Ad! To download Stripe Ad for your WordPress blog Click Here! If you’re using this plugin now and have a question or want to tell about your experience with it – comment now!