I’m going to give you a few helpful links, just some great articles I’ve come across in the past week. Some are about blogging, design, WordPress, twitter, and there’s one about some geeky gadget stuff.

Now, you might just think that I’m trying to be nice, or post something (because I haven’t been posting a lot the last few months) – but there’s a definite REASON why I’m posting these particular 7 links. A very methodical, useful, and purposeful reason why I’ve selected THESE links over any other.

If you can tell me (either in comments or through my comment form) WHY I used these links in this post – then I’ll give your blog a FREE blog review AND a permanent link in my blogroll in the sidebar for at least 6 months.

Here’s the list of links:

Blog designs that work

How to Make Money from your blog

WordPress trackback tutorial

How to Comment on Blogs: Beginner’s Guide

17 Must Have WordPress Plugins

10 Twitter Hacks

Build Your Own Wifi Radio

Now can YOU tell exactly WHY I used those links?