Shoemoney Tools Review

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When I fist heard that Shoemoney was coming out with his own set of online SEO and PPC “tools” for Internet Marketing – I was not surprised. I was however, very curious as to what would be included and how much they would cost to use. My review of these new tools will show you exactly what you’re going to get should you sign up, and the many different ways you can utilize the different reports. It doesn’t matter if you’re a blogger, affiliate marketer, an adwords or PPC guy, or other kind of online “make money” person – you can benefit greatly from what this suite has to offer.

The web site is divided into easy to use sections to make it easier to find your way around. You’ll see from the home page sections, PPC, free guides, and a forum. The forum is a great place to ask questions and connect with other Internet Marketers, but the hidden gem (besides the tools) are the free information guides that are available.

shoemoney tools home

I think a lot of times online tools and subscription services forget about the varied levels of experience and sometimes they cater only to experts. Shoemoney has painstakingly taken the time to blueprint not only his own success, but principles for making yourself successful. Even if you are an expert, you will gain new insight and get instant new ideas from reading his completely free guides. He has 4 currently available, “Beginner’s Guide to Internet Marketing”, “The Complete Guide to Local Affiliate Marketing” (a “must” read), “How to Valuate an Internet Property”, and “Tips for Success”. If you signup for Shoemoney Tools I would highly recommend reading each one.

shoemoney guides

There are 10 SEO Tools that are available for you to use, I’ll go through these one by one so you can see how you would apply them within your own site:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tools

Backlink Analzer Tool

The first tool is the backlink analyzer, and a fair warning, these jobs can take some time to run depending on the size of your web site. I usually just punch in a domain name and then as I do othe things, the sidebar will tell me in a percentage how far along the jobs is. The nice thing is, once you run a report they’re stored in your profile and you can access them at any time by coming back to this page.

I’m doing some research for my client Hype IMD, so this backlink report is for their web site. The first thing you see on the backlink report are some pie charts with stats like this:

shoemoney tools backlink analyzer

You can see this is a great snapshot of the top anchor text that’s used in the text links, but also the second chart shoes the top domains linking back. Then after the charts you get the complete breakdown:

shoemoney tools backlinks hypeelite

You can see from just the top 10 anchor texts from my client has purposely only targeted just a few keyword phrases. The other ones are so sporadic that they are more than likely all natural. It’s nice that you get both the count (of links) and percentage in these reports.

Next we get to see the complete breakdown by domain like this:

shoemoney tools backlinks hypeelite by domain

You can quickly see which domains are providing the bulk of your backlinks here. But there is a third report as well, that could be equally as important. You need backlinks to get traffic to your blog and come up in search results. Increasingly though, the quality of your links are just as important. Here’s a bit of that third report:

Shomemoney tools backlinks deep report hype elite

The third report is the reciprocal linking analysis. First, it’s helpful to know if you have reciprical links because the traditional “link exchange” doesn’t work well anymore. What everyone covets now are “one-way links”. But that last column tells you the number of in and out links as well as the ratio for that site linking to you. If you want to know why these numbers are important I would suggest reading the post “What is Link Juice“. This is important because if you want your backlinks to actually “work for you” (boost your rankings) – then you need to know what these numbers mean and whether the sites linking back to you are actually helping or hurting you.

Domain Marketplace Tool

In the domain marketplace you can find domains that have expired but already have backlinks that are generating traffic. Some people buy many of these domains up and point them to their own to get more backlinks and better rankings. I haven’t bought any of these myself, but I have to say the prices are very reasonable.

shoemoney tools domain marketplace

Backlinks Finder Tool

The backlinks finder is a unique tool. Once you type in keywords, the first thing you get is a list of the top results in google for them like this:

shoemoney tools backlink finder

Then it breaks down by site like this:

shoemoney tools breakdown backlinks hype elite

It takes the results from google for the keywords you are researching and then gives you the competitor information you need. You basically find out exactly WHY they rank in the first page of google for those keywords. You get the pagerank, domain name, and alexa ranking of their top backlinks. In the first 2 domains listed above for the first two google results I’m seeing top 100,000 sites in Alexa as well as multiple backlinks from PR4 and PR5 sites. See a pattern here? This tool shows you exactly how your competitors get their backlinks so you can easily beat them at their own game.

Keyword Density Tool

Next is the keyword density tool. This tool gives you some great information as well, because it tells you what your keyword density is on your site for a search keyword phrase, but it also shows you what your top competition in google has as well. That makes it pretty easy to figure out if you need more or less keywords – doesn’t it? If that wasn’t enough, you can see in this image that the tool also figures out exactly WHERE they put they keywords (title, meta description, meta keywords, or headers). Whoa!

shoemoney tools keyword density hype elite

Most Linked Pages Tool

Do you know where the most linked pages within your web site are? This tool quickly shows you that information – you can see from this pic that my client has virtually all links pointing to just two pages within their site:

shoemoney tools most linked pages hype elite

Related Blog Posts Tool

The related blog posts tool is something that you can use each and every day. One of the most underutilized features of WordPress (IMHO) is the “trackback”. Normally if you link someone (a WordPress blog) in your posts his blog will automatically be “notified” or “pinged”. Then this will be added to your comments (if you approve it). It’s a GREAT way to build backlinks.

But what if you could add a few related blog posts every time you wrote something? Where would you get these blog URL’s from to add to either your posts or the “permalink” field? AHA! This tool automatically and generates 100 of them for you in both linked and non-linked format. I wouldn’t recommend adding all 100 to each of your posts, but you get the picture – this is a VERY powerful tool.

shoemoney tools related posts hypeelite

SEO Competition Tool

This is where you can really get down to the nitty gritty of who you’re up against in the search engines. Take a look at the first part of the report:

shoemoney tools seo competition

I looked up the keyword phrase Miami Web Design for my client – and appears that the average pagerank of google page 1 listings is PR4. The number of people competing in Adwords for that phrase is 11. The drill down report inclues details on each of the top 10 results on the first page of google including pagerank and alexa ranking for the backlinks of each top result. Want to know why a competitor ranks higher than you? Just study their backlinks!

Text Optimizer Tool

The text optimizer can help you check your own content for keyword density. Just plugin some keywords and paste in your text and voila – you get the stats!

shoemoney tools text optimizer

Outgoing Links Tool

You can easily check your outgoing links by simply enterering your domain name on this tool to get a quick report.

shoemoney tools outgoing links hypeelite

Keyword Tracker Tool

The keyword tracker tool is the only SEO tool that I can’t show you because it requires installing a script on your web server (which I haven’t done yet). Once you do this though, you can track your keywords using information gathered directly from live stats on your blog!

PPC (Pay Per Click) Tools

PPC Ad Generator Tool

If you are going to do any paid advertisement, then the ad generator tool can be very helpful. Just plugin your keywords and URL’s, and it will dynamically generate all kinds of ready made ads – using information from ads currently placed by your competitors!

shoemoney tools ad generator

PPC Ad Manager Tool

Using the PPC Ad Manager you can create your own ad invetory, and save it for use within MS AdCenter or AdWords.

shoemoney tools PPC ad manager

PPC Keyword Manager Tool

The keyword manager works the same way – create, edit, and save all your keyword lists here.

shoemoney tools keyword manager

Keyword Generator Tool

The next tool is the keyword generator, and you can cetainly use this for PPC – but it works great for anything you need to generate keywords for, like your blog, web site, niche sites, etc. Remember, it’s one thing to get a list of great keyword suggestions – but you still have to check and see which ones actually get search traffic.

shoemoney tools keyword generator

Keword Grabber Tool

Have you ever wondered what keywords other sites use in their advertising campaigns? With this keyword grabber all you have to do is punch in a domain name – and it will return all the keywords being currently bid on by that site. This competitor of my client is currently bidding on more than 225 keywords in the miami area (most of which have nothing to do with web design).

shoemoney tools keyword grabber

Keyword Suggestions Tool

The keyword suggestion tool gives you ideas for keywords without having to come up with them yourself. Using data from 5 different search engines you can quickly get some new ideas.

shoemoney tools keyword suggestions

Instant PPC Campaign Tool

You can easily generate ad campaigns for use in Yahoo, MSN, and google by entering your keywords, ad lists, and CPC. They keywords and ad lists available are ones you previously generated and saved in the ad and keyword manager tools.

shoemoney tools instant PPC campaign

Local Keyword Tool

The local keyword tool is pretty cool – even if you’re not doing PPC. Just enter a zip code and a radius, some keywords, and some exclusions (if you have any) – and instantly get a list of localized keywords to use.

shoemoney tools local keyword tool

Local Brand Tool

The local brand tool allows you to find competitors. Unlike the keyword grabber which tells you what keywords a domain is bidding on, if you give this tool a keyword phrase and a zip code, it gives you a list of keywords that people are bidding on in your local area.

shoemoney tools local brand tool

Google Adwords Campaign Builder

This tool will help you build an Adwords campaign, after you’ve done the necessary research using all the other tools.

shoemoney tools adwords campaign builder

Adsense Crawler Tool

The Adsense crawler is a report that takes some time to run, but give it some keyword phrases and it will give you a report of potential sites you can target in adsense to get some good returns.

shoemoney tools adsense crawler


Shoemoney Tools are worth their weight in gold, and it’s no surprise that companies like Facebook, Viacom, Google, MySpace, Yahoo, and Intel are all using them. The great thing is that these tools are affordable enough for a full time blogger, niche store owner, affiliate marketing, or anyone working online to use!

You get real stats that you can actually use for SEO work, link building, competition analysis, and more! I figured that anything Shoemoney puts out has to be good, but I never expected 21 world class tools all in one place.

**UPDATE** I just heard back from Brienna at Shoemoney Tools and for ANYONE reading this post – you can TRY Shoemoney Tools for ONLY $3.95 for the first month by using the special PROMO code for my readers: PRATT

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