The series “How to Build an Affiliate Store in WordPress” is meant to teach you how to make money from a WordPress blog by adding relevant products, links, auctions, and ads. You’ll find a ton of blog posts about “making money online”, but not a lot about all the ways you can (and should be) making money from a single blog by turning it into an “affiliate store” if you will. This invaluable free series is not a guru “build my list”, or “sell you crap I don’t use” bunch of posts. It’s free advice using both products and methods I use every day to make money and build monthly income.

How to Build an Affiliate Store in WordPress

The title says it all. In this opening post of the series, I explain what a datafeed is, why it’s difficult to try and obtain and manage them on your own, and both free and paid tools you can use to create an affiliate store blog by adding relevant products from a data feed.

Setting Up WordPress for An Affiliate Store

In the second post of the series we talk about how to setup WordPress up specifically for an online store, including free and paid affiliate WordPress plugins to use, and a 12 step recipe for getting indexed quickly in search engines.

How to Setup DatafeedR in WordPress

In the third installment I will describe and show you how to setup and create your first affiliate product store in WordPress. In about 30 minutes I was able to add an affiliate store to one of my blogs with about 6,000 products in 12 hand picked custom categories.

Integrating Datafeedr Affiliate Store in WordPress

Now that we’ve setup a Datafeedr affiliate store in WordPress, it’s time to fine-tune the options – like adding widgets for store navigation, seo options, templates, and adding original content!

How to Create a Coupon Page for WordPress Affiliate Store

We going to look at how to quickly and easily use Datafeedr to add a coupon page to our affiliate store, as well as the other options available for a comparison. Coupon pages are a great way to increase sales and conversions!

WordPress Datafeedr Affiliate Store Enhancements

With new product post “dripping” to our wordpress affiliate blog home page each and every day – there are some enhancements that we can make to improve the content for both the visitors and for the search engine crawlers!

How to Promote a WordPress Affiliate Store

Now that your wordpress affiliate store is setup it’s time to bring some traffic to it, and build some links and targeted authority. I’m going to give you dozens and dozens of ways to promote your affiliate store all over the web and beyond with many quick and easy techniques.

Does Google Hate datafeedr Affiliate Stores in WordPress?

A lot of people are setting up affiliate stores, many using the datafeedr WordPress plugin. Does google hate these sites? Not as much as you may think – read about google penalties and datafeedr.

WP Robot Review: Automate Affiliate Content Posting

In my review of the WordPress plugin WP Robot I show how you can automatically find and monetize content, affliate products, and more quickly and easily.

Online Marketing Intern Review of datafeedr

I asked one of my interns to create an affiliate store in WordPress with datafeedr that had never seen it before, and didn’t know what a datafeed was at all – and this is his review.