The SEO Booster Pro plugin for WordPress can help you boost your rankings a little bit in the SERPs, and it saves you time by automating a few processes you might normally do by hand (or not do at all). There’s nothing black or grey hat about it, although people tend to be confused about whether they should be using a plugin like this at all – and whether or not it will “piss off” google enough to get you a penalty in the index or not.

Search Engine Basics

Search engines send your traffic based on a multitude of factors – ranging from authority, to pagerank, the power of your backlinks, the amount of your backlinks – and even the sites you’re associated with. When someone types in a search google attempts to give it’s “best match” of relevant original contet results. Sometimes the results are people that actually “targeted” and tried to come up for that search, and other times it’s just a bunch of pages that accidentally ranked for that result. Did you know that 60% of all searches entered in google have never been entered before? That’s because more and more people are treating it like a question and answer portal and asking it a query as if google were some magical oracle.

Linkbuilding Basics

Even if you were smart enough to find and target keyword phrases for your site, over time you end up getting ranked for all kinds of “long tail” searches and broad match terms you never thought about. Simply linking to your own internal pages, or creating your own “inlinks” (deep linking) can often times be enough to change your SERPs for some keywords from say the 2-5th page of google results to the first page! Just tagging complementary pages with the same tag can be enough. Linking a page or post in your sidebar dramatically help as well.

Enter SEO Booster Pro…

SEO Booster Pro is a premium WordPress plugin that costs $39.95, and it’s purpose is very simple – to help you do better in the SERPs. It doesn’t do anything you can’t do on your own manually, and it shouldn’t raise the ire of google in any way. Once you install it, it monitors your incoming search queries. So far it’s captured results on 31,000 incoming searches for this blog.

You can view the top 10 incoming searches, it records the SERP page, your position on the page, what they keywords were, and which page it’s ranked for:


It also records the last 35 SERP visits. This is pretty handy, as it records the last top 35 that came in – and it really shows you that nearly all your incoming traffic comes from the first page of google results. You also get the total visits and the landing page they went to, but I think the handiest thing is the fact that you also get the link to the google results page in case you want to see what other sites were listed for that search, etc.

last 35 search referrals

It has some very interesting settings. You can choose what SERP positions you want to try to boost higher, and how often you should run the cron job so the plugin can do it’s work:

seo booster pro options

It has some nice auto-tagging features as well. It can tag posts with phrases you might want to boost your search ranking for, and all the related posts as well. If you want, it can even re-write your post titles with incoming search phrases. The plugin creates a long and extensive log of everything it does, it will show you the last search positions it researched for you, and any rankings that have changed.

seo booster pro auto tagging wordpress plugin

In addition to the tagging, it also has a widget functionality that you can use to put keywords in your sidebar (you choose how many) which helps your inlinks and boosts your SERPs as well.


SEO Booster Pro can help you get better search rankings, but the level of reporting and analysis you can get in just a few minutes (without digging through data in google analytics or some other stats) is awesome. There’s nothing grey hat about it, it’s not wrong to use it, you could create your own inlinks yourself to do the same thing (many people do). In my opinion, spending $39.95 one time (free lifetime upgrades) is well worth the money in the time alone it saves me – let alone the increased incoming traffic I’ll get from using it.

*Disclaimer: I’m an affiliate for SEO Booster Pro, and if you buy it from the link below I get a commission. That’s how we pay the bills around here!

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