jtpratt-niche-site-script Announcing the “Re-launch” of JTPratt’s Free Niche Site Script! My mashup script allows you to create an adsense, YouTube, Amazon, eBay site in minutes! Install it on a domain you’re not using, or in a sub-folder of an already successful site.

I’ve seen niche scripts like this before for sale for $35-75 all over the Internet the last few years. There’s no sense paying for functionality this basic when you can get it for free. This script was available for download for about 18 months and then Amazon and eBay updated their API’s and the whole thing broke. Now, this free Niche Site Script is sponsored by ebay plugin WP-EASYBAY, and I would like to thank WP EASYBAY™ programmer Fredrik Ahlen for updating and making all the necessary changes for it to work again!

Here’s what my example niche mashup site looks like:

guitar review video cafe

Click here to view it live: Guitar Review Video Cafe

It’s really fun to play with and could be a cool addition to any niche based site or affiliate store. It has easy to use templates, and doesn’t require a database or installation at all! It even has a small caching system so the API’s aren’t called each time a page is rendered. Download your copy now on my official Free Niche Site Script page, and let me know what you think of it!