Online Marketing Internship with

Online Marketing Internship with

Are you interested in an “Online Marketing Internship”? Read my story, and then in you’re interested in becoming an intern for a successful online web site – apply below!

One year ago I was working at Ford Motor company IT and my boss came to my desk and told me that my last day would be at the end of the year. I was a programmer and content management expert and it was the end of my tenth year working at Ford. Ford, like many companies in the area where I live, South of Detroit, Michigan – had been cutting back for several years. You’ve probably seen in the news the state of the auto industry in the US. What you may not know is that it’s not just factory workers they’re letting go, it’s engineers, programmers, project managers, server admins, database experts, and web designers as well. What this means for me is that in my market there are 15-20,000+ technical people out of work that can do what I do. Recruiters I have met with tell me of potential candidates for have doctorate degrees in computer science willing to work for $30-40,000/yr just to have a job.

Luckily for me, during the 10 years I worked in the corporate environment, I had a passion for learning about blogging and making money online. I probably spend as many hours at night working on web sites as I did my day job, and worked full time on the weekends for myself. I became an expert in WordPress themes and plugins, and learned SEO and social marketing from the ground up. My personal web sites had always been for me, a hobby, a sideline, and it was never important if the money came in or not because I had a regular paycheck and benefits. I did make money each and every month, but sometimes it was $1,600/mo and sometimes it was $5,600/mo. I jumped from project to project, idea to idea, I was never very focused – because I didn’t have to be.

Earlier this year when I was first unemployed it still for some reason wasn’t completely apparent what I should do. I guess I somehow still held out hope that there would be a job somewhere for me. When you have had a regular paycheck for 10 years, and you know exactly how much money you’re going to get on what day – you get used to that consistency and security. You depend on it, and without a regular paycheck – you panic, like someone free falling without a parachute. I still jumped from project to project when I was unemployed while both my money and time ran out – literally!

One sunny day I had an idea that I should put my expertise to use online rather than just try “make money online” 150 different ways. I had skills in programming, web design, SEO, project management, marketing – and I used that experience to seek out clients to do freelance work. Within 6 weeks I was doing billable work every day of the week! My clients range from small businesses to corporatations, from dentists and doctors, to affiliate marketers, e-commerce stores, and niche store owners.

In a way – working with clients was the best thing that ever happened to me. It forced me to do for them, what I never could seem to do for myself. On my own working online for fun for many years I was always looking for “the next best thing” to make money. I was like a mexican jumping bean going from one project to the next. I had all the necessary experience to be successful full time on my own – but I never put the pieces of the puzzle all together.

From th 150+ clients I’ve had in the last 8-9 months, what I’ve learned is that they all pretty much had the same end goal no matter what their business. Whether their budget was $500 or $5,000 – the questions were always the same:

“How do we get found more in search engines?”
“What keywords do we use?”
“What is SEO and how do we use it”?
“How do we use social media?”
“How do we increase the ROI on our company web site?”
“How do we find people looking to buy products like ours online?”

The difference between working for a client and working for myself is that client work forces me to focus on their web site and products. No longer could I jump around from thing to thing because I had to get their job done or I wouldn’t get paid. I also found that no matter how big or small the business, I could apply nearly the same exact process and principles for them to be more successful online. I not only developed a pattern for working with clients, I developed specific “Phases” and modules to teach them what I was doing as I went.

At the end of the summer I started to apply the same principles and techniques I used on clients to some of my longstanding personal web sites with outstanding success! I had finally developed a plan for success online that worked! I’m at the point now where I’m ready to employ these successful techniques on 4 new concept sites that will be guaranteed money makers within 6 months of launch. I cannot do this on my own, and while my business is growing rapidly – I’d rather not take on new full time employees just yet.

What I want is people that are HUNGRY! Hungry for knowledge, hungry to learn what it takes to make money online from someone that has that experience! I remember back in high school they had a business club that was called “Junior Achievement”. You paired up with an experienced businessman and brainstormed a new product. It was your job to figure out how to get in manufactured, how much it would cost, what the profit would be, and how to market it. The businessman helped you through the process, and once 100 were made – you went out and sold whatever your product was. At the end of the project you got to keep 25% of the profits and the rest went back to the club.

Internships are usually unpaid, very few actually give you money. You put in your time for the privilege of gaining experience you can use to be successful in the future. What I’m about to offer is the deal of a lifetime. I’m now accepting applications for 4 Online Marketing Internship positions with This is a full time position, but you will be able to work from your own home at your own pace – but you will be expected to work at least 40 hours per calendar week. You will be assigned a running WordPress web site with a theme and plugins installed and I will give you a complete course of instruction to take it from nothing to a profitable business in just 5 months.

All Online Marketing Interns will Learn:

Phase 1: Site Analysis

How to Setup a Web Site for Indexing
-setting up robots.txt file
-creating an XML sitemap
-registering with search engines

Phase 2: Competitive Analysis

How to find the best keywords to use
How to research the top competition
How to analyze the effectiveness of paid marketing for this project
Formulating a Business Plan to get on Google’s top page for the keywords you want

Phase 3: SEO Setup

Setting up SEO plugins
Making a theme SEO ready
How to SEO pages and posts
How to create Linkbait
How to Write the most indexable content

Phase 4: Linkbuilding and Content Writing

Setting a routine for writing content and scheduling posts
How to build pagerank
Blog Commenting Best Practices
How to use social media
Submitting to Directories
How to use guest blogging
How to use article marketing
How to create mini-sites for links
How to analyze stats for traffic patterns
Using stats to refine the business plan

For incentive:

  • Each if my Online Marketing Interns will be paid 25% of all profits raised from their assigned site
  • In addition to that a $1,000 bonus will be paid for any site that makes more than $5,000 profit during the 5 month project.

I will provide web hosting, a domain name, and complete instructions during the 5 month period.  All interns will need:

  • Full time access to a computer and high speed Internet connection
  • Excellent English speaking and writing skills
  • The ability to work independantly well and complete tasks
  • At least 40 hours free per week availability for the project

Applicants should be 18 years of age or older, background is unimportant as long as you are computer literate, willing to work hard, and have above average writing skills.  There is no guarantee of payment for this Online Marketing Internship – if you make money and how much you make solely depends on the effort you put forth during the 5 months.  You will be given all the tools for success, it’s up to you to put them to use.  At the end of the 5 month internship you will have enough knowledge to market nearly anything online and be successful.

The type of experience you will gain from this hands-on internship is something you cannot read in any book or learn from any university course.  To pay for this kind of training from a membership site or “web coach” could cost thousands.  What I will teach my interns over 5 months is what everyone wants to know – “How do I Become Successful Online?”.

If you think you have what it takes, and you’re willing to invest the time and work hard, please fill out the form below to apply for one of my Online Marketing Internship positions with  It’s FREE – all will ever be asked to invest is your time.  I’m not building a list, nor am I selling any products, but I am limiting this to the four most qualified people I can find.  I don’t care if I get 5,000 applications – I’m only taking on 4 interns, period.  I also don’t care of you are a factory worker, stay at home mom, displaced woker, a retired person, undergrad student, or if you work at McDonald’s – as long as you have above average writing skills and a desire to succeed!

This particular offer is now closed, but we do take new internship applicants from time to time. If you are still interested please fill out our contact form.