online marketing intern Anu Pillau Anu is the newest Online Marketing Intern, having been selected at the beginning of last week. She’s made it through Phase 1, which consists of learning how to secure your WordPress site, and setting up a foundation to be indexable and found online.

This is what she had to say:

Hello Everyone,

This is Anu back again with an update a week into the internship.
It has been quite a week – busy and informative.

Phase 1 was all about learning how to set up WordPress properly, get it indexed and secure the site. Bill’s post on Phase 1 is detailed and I am not going to bore you by repeating everything.

What I would like to share with you is that While I knew how to set up WordPress, set the permalink correctly, add the necessary plugins, I have always lacked the knowledge to secure the site properly and strongly. I knew enough to delete admin as user in WordPress, set a strong password, change it frequently and even move the .htacess file. However,I never knew how to modify the .htaccess file to block hackers, trojans and viruses or set up the robots.txt file correctly. I also never knew about some of the security plugins and how to set them up correctly.

There is lot of information out there online but not much about securing your site well, how to do it and most importantly, why. I have normally pulled bits and pieces of info from all over but nothing comprehensive. JT has laid all that out on the internship site in a organized fashion. He was always available to answers questions or just to help. Oh, I did need his help …. spent a few frustarting hours getting locked out of WordPress because of a plugin conflict and had to send out an SOS email. :). If you have not read JT’s security guide, go back and read it. There is tons of valuable information.

It has been a long week but at the end of it, have gained much knowledge that I did not have before.
I am now 3 days into Phase 2 – Keyword research and analysis etc but will leave that for another post.

– Anu

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