Google pagerank updates

Google Pagerank Updates

No more Google Pagerank updates? I think that Google is now throwing away pagerank – or at least has something in the works to replace it.

Looking at the pagerank updates the last few years, there were 2 in 2007, 5 in 2008, 4 in 2009, but only one in all of 2010 to date (in April). We’ve been waiting patiently for 8 months now, and some thought the PR update would occur in July, then Sept, or Oct, and here we are in December with still nothing. Some believe it will happen on New Years Eve, as it did in 2009.

Personally – I think we might have seen the end of Google Pagerank updates as we know them. Many SEO people will tell you that the PR numbers don’t really mean anything anyway. You can get a first page ranking in Google without them. You can get good AdWords quality scores without them. Pagerank now seems like just an antiquated online measuring system to tell you what you already know.

Google changed it’s index dramatically this year – first with the “caffeine” algorithm that made updates faster then ever before. Then they turned on google “instant” – where results change before your very eyes with each stroke of the keyboard. If the index can change in under an hour, and users can see 30 different front page search results as they type – pagerank just seems that much more antiquated or useless, doesn’t it? The fact that Google has put pagerank updates on the backburner for nearly all of 2010 kind of underlines that fact.

I’ll be surprised if Google updates pagerank on Dec 31st, 2010 – because I think the next time we hear about pagerank (from Google) will be that it’s going away, or being replaced by something else.

What do you think?