It’s not very often that you find new Free SEO Tools, and I hadn’t posted in awhile, so it was about time I had some new tips and tricks for you. Blekko is a new search engine. That’s right – there’s actually a new search engine.

what is blekko

Blekko is very different, and yet it’s not. It uses “slashtags” with keywords.

You could search, for example:
web design /wordpress

obama /liberal

The slashtag operator returns relevant results for a keyword that are “handpicked by a human”. Try searching for “obama liberal”, the results are very different. The sites founders say that will filter out all the garbage sites, spam sites, content farms, porn, and crap online – because the slashtags are created by people. Also, if you click “spam” under any result – it’s removed from your search results forever!

They’ve also taken the liberty of making it easy to shop, just try these searches:
ipod /amazon
ipod /ebay

and get instant results!

I’m sure Blekko will be very popular with lots of people. I wanted to show you why it’s a hot topic now among surfers online, but I haven’t yet mentioned yet that there are custom slashtags built in for SEO. With all the tools out there requiring monthly fees, and Yahoo’s questionable backlink checking feature (now that bing is in charge) – Blekko’s free SEO tools don’t come a moment too soon.

Check this out…this is the search for: /seo

(click the image for full size view)

by typing in any domain name and /seo – you can instantly see backlinks, indexed pages, a hostrank number, and the backlinks are then listed beneath the charts (ALL of them). On any backlink listed, you can click for instant whois, seo (for that site), or even a comparison of that site vs. yours.

In fact you can compare up to 4 sites at once with the Blekko free SEO tools, and you can check out duplicate content reports as well.

Try the following searches to view multiple reports and features: /seo /links /urlseo /links /rank

Since the new Blekko Free SEO Tools are so new, nobody really knows (yet) if the data is completely accurate when compared to Yahoo and Google, or even which reports are most useful. The data is good to have however, and if nothing more – is a great free benchmarking tool when comparing to other SEO tools and data. I highly advise you bookmark the site – and check it out!