Yesterday I had a record income day from my blogs and niche sites of $295.20. This is not normal, I don’t make this much every day – I normally don’t even make $100 per day (yet). But it does come in spurts sometimes, and the more spurts you have the better month you’ll have. I figured since I was reading about Affiliate Confessions June 2008 income, I should write about mine too.

Before I was making any money online – it seemed like all I read about was people making thousands and people making nothing. I never seemed to read about the guys making say a couple hundred, five hundred, or just under a thousand per month. Nobody blogs about the struggle of getting from here to there. I get a LOT of comments on this blog now, upwards of a dozen per day or more now whether I post or not. The thing I hear the most, over and over again – is that people appreciate me being very honest and candid about my struggles trying to make money online. I didn’t call this blog “blogging mistakes” for nothing – that’s for sure. For all of you wondering how you’ll get from where you are now to building your online empire – this post is for you. I will give you the details you never read about anywhere else, even from those that disclose income numbers.

Breakdown of a $300 income day

The first thing you’re wanting to know is where the income came from, so here’s a breakdown –

  • $100 Commission Junction – This is from one sale, a single commission. For my blogs and niches sites I have one dedicated server I lease, and I also have a Hostgator Swamp account. I got the Hostgator account when I started using BANS – and the ability to have unlimited databases, unlimited web sites, a fast connection, and 99.999% uptime have been unbelievable. I am proud to promote Hostgator because I use their services each and every day, but getting a $100 commission per sale isn’t bad either. I have gotten at least one per month, each month, for the last 3 months in a row.
  • $103.21 Adbrite (30 day nofollow text ad) – On just a few of my sites I use AdBrite instead of Adsense. This also isn’t probably what you think it is, I was paid $100 from someone who ordered a 30-day text ad (nofollow of course), and the remaining $3.21 was for clicks on network ads.
  • $2.54 Adsense – This was a very crappy Adsense day. I usually Make $5-12 per day in the summer, and the winter it’s $20-$30 per day. I do get an Adsense check each and every month.
  • $44.36 Clickbank – This is one commission, I earned this for a BANS or Build a Niche Store sale. Yes, when you promote BANS, out of the $97 purchase price you get paid $44 for each sale. Some people just slap up affiliate links all over and hype crap hoping for sale. The difference between them and me is – I use BANS to build sites and I’ve spent more than 50 hours (so far) writing a dozen articles on How I Use BANS. In each and every one I ask readers, if they don’t already have BANS and decide to purchase – to buy it from me if they benefited from my BANS series. I don’t feel a bit guilty, I sell one or two per month – and that keeps me writing more articles teaching people how to make money with Build a Niche Store.
  • $12.00 Amazon – This is also from a single sale, one product. As I’ve stated before, Amazon Still Makes Me Money. I don’t always make money with them every day, but I do make something nearly every month. Some of the commissions are pennies, but most are $5-25 each. That’s because I specifically try to promote high value items whenever I can.
  • $23.44 eBay Partner Network – This isn’t the best eBay day I’ve had, and it’s not the worst. I believe this was from a half dozen sales that came in from 3 different sites. 2 were blogs I use the WordPress plugin BayRss to add eBay auctions to, one was a BANS store.
  • $2.65 Kontera – Kontera is contextual link advertising. I only use it on a couple sites, and it’s only good for a few bucks per day. There was a time when I made $30-40/day with this, but that was on a site that was getting 8-10K unique visitors per day. To make decent money with Kontera you need 2 things. Traffic, and a consumer-centric site that draws people that aren’t so “clued in” about the web. Like flash game sites, song lyric sites, celebrity news sites, joke sites, etc. These kind of visitors click these ads more often.
  • $7.00 Pepperjam Network – I made one commission on Pepperjam, and ironicly it was for promoting Pepperjam! For each new signup you get, Pepperjam (currently) pays $7 each. If you aren’t already signed up for Pepperjam – you should be if you are an eBay affiliate. Pepperjam pays more than EPN if you get more than $100 per month in commissions. I’m in the process of setting up eBay promoted sites on Pepperjam so I can compare to EPN. They pay 55% if you get $100 or more per month, EPN only pays 50%. That’s not the only reason though – Pepperjam has a ton of other stuff to promote too, they are the fastest growing affiliate network around. Tons of advertisers are jumping from Commission Junction (CJ) to Pepperjam (PPJ). Read about Pepperjam and eBay here.

Breakdown of Sites and Visitors

Now for the usual questions…

How many sites do I have online live? – About 12, which are 2 BANS, 1 Drupal, 1 Static, and 8 WordPress. I have 8 more half setup in various stages getting ready to go online, and I own about 30 other domains that are just waiting to be setup.

How many visitors do these sites get? – Well the site with the Hostgator commission gets 600-800 uniques per day, the Adbrite site gets 16,000 uniques per day. Adsense is on about 6 sites getting from 50-500 uniques per day. The BANS sale was from this site, which gets 500-600 uniques per day, and the eBay commissions came from one BANS site getting 100 or less uniques per day, one blog getting 600-800 uniques per day, and another blog getting about 100 uniques per day or less. The Amazon sale was also the 600-800 uniques per day site, and the Kontera money mainly came from that site as well. The Pepperjam click came from this site – as I said 500-600 uniques per day.

How big is each site? – every site has 100+ posts now or more.

Do you pay for any traffic or promotion? – No. I don’t do any PPC, or advertising in any way whatsoever. Every blog I have is only promoted by my own personal linkbuilding, posting in forums, Entrecard, leaving comments on blogs, and original content article submissions. The traffic I get is TRULY organic from search engines. That’s probably why it’s taken 10 months to get to this $300 day, but hopefully it will come more frequently.

Can I see these sites, for examples? – Yes. This blog, The Smorgasbord, Top Jokes, Handbag Whores, Used Cell Phones, According to Kieli, Cell Phone How To, and Guitar Review.

Breakdown of the Types of Ads

I thought I would talk about the types of ads so you could get an idea how you can promote items and earn these types of commissions. The Hostgator commision came from some ads I was rotating on The Smorgasbord using the MaxBlogPress Plugin “Stripe Ad”. When I first blogged about Stripe Ad I didn’t get a lot of reaction to it. One guy sent me a comment saying how stupid and ridiculous it looked on a blog. I swear I’ve made some kind of sale from that plugin each and every month for the last 6 months. I try to rotate text links in it that are products I believe in or use, as well as things that pay good commissions. That way it doesn’t matter if I only get a sale or two per month – it’s worth it. The only thing I’m going to change by using Stripe Ad in the future is to make all the links go to landing pages on my blog where I talk about and pre-sell the products a bit first.

The Adbrite site, I use a 468×60 ad block before titles on every page in the blog to display text ads. The Adsense ads I use are almost always the same, the 336×280 blocks. The Smorgasbord probably has the best examples on all pages. If you want to see how I promote BANS, take a look at my BANS series if you haven’t already. I have the same or similar block on every page.

Amazon is something that I tend to promote on any blog page I add eBay auctions to with BayRSS. I find that if I blog about something, my monetization works better if I promote from multiple sources giving the reader more options. If you want to see how I do this, view the page the actual Amazon commission came from – Asus EEE PC Review.

The Ebay Partner Network, or EPN money came from the Used Cell Phones BANS site, this Wireless Hard Drive post, and about 3 of these Gustto Baca Handbags.

Kontera you can see in action on The Smorgasbord and the Top Jokes blogs. The Pepperjam click came from this Pepperjam and eBay post I linked to earlier.

The Balance of Original Content

I want to stress the fact that on every one of my blogs and sites I have a LOT of original content. I don’t think google or anyone else could ever say that my blogs and sites were either spammy or top heavy with ads and non-value added crap to the visitor. My main goal is to overwhelf my visitors with useful content on every blog I own to keep them coming back. Once they are comfortable with my site and content – they will be comfortable clicking on my links and recommendations.

If you want to do what I’m doing, and make what I’m making – there is no shortcut, no mistake, no way to go around it. Well there is…but you have to have $$ to pay to drive traffic to your sites. And usually once you quit paying, the traffic quits coming. If you build sites like mine, organically and over time, the visitors and traffic just grows and grows as long as you keep posting quality content. And it’s free, and consistent, and usually people click or buy more often because they came from a search engine and found what they were looking for.

Building income online is about building a stream of wealth, a monthly paycheck that in some degree you can count on. Every day you should be working on something to build your monthly amount into more of a paycheck and steady stream of payments.

How You can Benefit from What You Just Read

I don’t want you to come away from reading this post and think I was bragging about “oooh – I made $300 in one day”. If you think that you’ve already missed the point. I want to make this kind of money more often – and you should too.

My advice to you is – first, track what you make for progress. Celebrate your good days and try to figure out why you don’t have more of them.

Also, have something to monetize each and every day. I DO NOT make money on every post. But I post SO MUCH that it’s inevitable I’ll make something each day now.

Sign up for many affiliate programs – and use them all. Diversify your income as many ways as you can.

Work on a daily or weekly plan to organize your posting and monetization schedule. If you plan your work – you will work your plan.

I hope this post was of value to you. What’s the best day you ever had for online income and how did you do it?