The most frequently asked question I get his “how do I make money online – how do I become successful?” I can now boil it down to one single word diligence. There are hundreds of millions of blogs online and of those only so many thousand are bringing in enough cash to call their blogging a business. There are many ways that success can be obtained, or even bought – but the tried and true method that will never fail is pure hard work.

Most of the blogs I read have popular posts that try and explain some sort of trick or shortcut to online riches. Many “gurus” are selling the next best thing and the only key to their online success is finding a few thousand more fresh suckers to believe their hype, sign up for their list, and buy the garbage they recommend.

I have had some moderate online success, but realize now that the only thing that has been holding me back is….well – ME!! Over the last 2 years I’ve been working on a little of this, a little of that, some blogging here, some linkbuilding there, buying all kinds of new domains and only setting up a handful. There just hasn’t been enough work on concentrated things. I should know better really, because I’ve blogged about building online income and success for years, but when it comes down to it I’m just not as good at following my own advice. In fact a few weeks back I worked about a day and a half diligently, and it even brought immediate results and my income skyrocketed for just a few days – but then fell back again.

This week I’m putting a new recipe for diligence in action:

  1. Post to each of my main 10 blogs every day this week Monday – Friday
  2. Build at least one link per day for each of the 10 blogs
  3. Monetize something 4 out of the 5 times for each of the 10 blogs this week
  4. Submit at least one article per blog this week

I believe this recipe will bear fruit in increased eBay revenue, adsense revenue, other affiliate income, and increased traffic. Today is Tuesday, yesterday I did post to each of my 10 blogs (and one BANS site), and I did leave at least 2 blog comments on other blogs for each to build new links as well.

It’s funny too, I read a post to that reaffirmed my belief in dilgence entitled How to become a Super Affiliate. It points out that “high VOLUME is the key…” How many times have you visited a blog only to see they haven’t posted in months or years? Even on this blog I (like an idiot) took a two month break. At least I came back – most don’t! Even an idiot can make money online by never stopping, never quitting, even with the worst content, spammiest sites, and worst designs. If you never stop, at some point you will simple force success to boil to the top – whether you like it or not.