Online Marketing Intern bfield3 Bill field was the first Online Marketing Intern I hired last Fall. I’ve posted some updates from him, but things have been so busy this year I’ve not had a chance to fully do justice to all the hard work he’s put in since he started. I have some reviews he wrote of ebooks that you’ll see in the future, but since his internship ended yesterday – I wanted to take the time to talk about his accomplishments now.

As a WordPress Consultant and SEO, I’ve developed a unique 4 phase system that I use when working with clients to take them from where they’re at to online success. I decided to start this internship program last Fall as a test. I wanted to see if I could write my system out in a private web site for just the interns, and have them follow my directions to build out a new web site. They would start with an empty brand new domain with a default blank install of WordPress and nothing more – and the rest would be up to them. I was looking for people with a working knowledge of WordPress and basic understanding of online marketing.

These are the “phases” of my system:

Phase 1: Security and Indexing – This phase is what I call the “foundation”, because making sure your web site is secure and indexable by search engines is the foundation of all your online success. I would say that 98% of all 150 clients I had last year had insecure WordPress web sites, and had no idea how to make them indexable by search engines.

Phase 2: Competitive Analysis – Most “online marketers” do some basic keyword research, but most don’t understand the difference between phrase, broad, and exact match – or know how to find keywords with lots of search traffic, but low competition. I also take these keyword phrases and look at the top 10 results in google for each so I can break down what the makeup of their authority is, and create an actionable plan to compete with them on the first page of google.

Phase 3: On-Site SEO – I call this phase “erecting the house on the foundation”, because we take the keywords from phase 2 and put them in the right places on the web site. Without the right keywords in the right places, what chances do you stand at getting good search listings?

Phase 4: Linkbuilding and Authority – This is where the rubber meets the road. Once your web site is setup to be indexed with the right keywords, without traffic it’s useless. Who wants a brand new store filled with products and no customers? This phase is all about how to create a long lasting and ongoing plan for building traffic and online authority.

So what happened here is Bill worked my plan for 4 months, he had to resign a month early for personal reasons. I can only imagine what he would have done with that last month had he been able to stay! Bills assigned site was “Best Gifts For“.

These are his accomplishments:

Best Gifts For“.

  • 47 posts
  • 10 pages
  • 439 visitors/mo
  • 1,264 pageviews/mo
  • 326 indexed pages in google
  • 85 pages indexed in yahoo
  • 21 pages indexed in bing
  • 13 article directory submissions
  • 110 directory submissions
  • 50 blog comments per week
  • 2 out of 3 assigned keywords on the top of the 2nd page of google
  • 11,153 backlinks in Yahoo (and growing every day)

I think what he’s done is nothing short of amazing, but it only shows that the only limits online are your own abilities and the amount of time you put in. In the next post I’ll reveal a few of Bill’s backlink building secrets. In the future, I will be opening up my 4 Phase System to everyone (once all the documentation is complete). Signup to my mailing list below so you are notified of the launch when it’s ready.

I’m using my interns to create an entire Online Marketing Course using the exact same principles and techniques I use with small business and corporate clients every day. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, signup to my email list using the form below. I’m not going to spam you with crazy “magic bullet” and “list control” offers. I will only send you email every now and again about techniques and products I actually use (there’s a small handful), and later this year my Online Marketing Course when it’s available.