Online Marketing InternIt’s time to meet the second person I’ve selected as my Online Marketing Intern for the next 5 months. Be sure to subscribe to my RSS feed so we can post their progress throughout the months. This blog is one of the few places you’ll be able to watch me teach people how to create and make money from successful web sites online! No bull, no guru garbage, just pure experience and real world information.

Meet Prince Singh:

Here is a brief introduction about myself. My name is Manpreet Singh, however, among friends and family I am known as Prince, the nick-name which my mom gave me the day I was born. And no, I don’t think it has anything to do with the artist formerly known as Prince. I think it is more like the fairy tale Prince.

I was born, raised and educated in a northern state of India, Punjab. I am almost 36 now, and moved here to the United States before turning 21. In fact, I celebrated my 21st birthday here in California.

My educational and technical background is about as colorful (or colourful, ;-)) as it can get. And what makes it even more interesting is the fact that in my life there is no distinction between work and hobbies. They are all the same for me. I don’t do anything that I won’t do as a hobby, and that makes the work feel more like a hobby, and when I get paid to have fun, it makes it even more fun.

My formal education in India lead to a college degree (BS) in the field of Electronics, with Physics and Mathematics as minors. Then here in the US, I went to a private institute to get trained on Cisco Networking systems, and obtained a CCNA certificate, which led to employment as a network and systems engineer with the then world data center leader Exodus Communications. Further training (employer funded) opportunities were available during my tenure with Exodus, and I don’t think that I missed one single one of them. I got trained on firewalls, load balancing equipment, various competition brand routing equipment, telecommunication equipment, etc; but the one that was a major addition to my technical qualification was the Sun Solaris System administration training and certification conducted by Sun Microsystems at their own facility.

I am also a professional pilot, and a flight instructor. The formal certifications in this line of work, or hobby, include Airline Transport Pilot certification by the FAA, with Airplane single and multi engine, and both land and sea plane ratings, a Flight Instructor certificate with single and multi engine airplane, and instrument airplane ratings, a ground instructor certificate with advanced and instrument ratings, FAA aircraft maintenance technician certificate with airframe and power plant ratings.

There is a list of self taught tools of the trade as well; and I will just mention a few relevant ones: WordPress, Joomla, HTML, linux and windows server installation, management and security, internet SEO and website marketing, etc. And I did I mention that I am in love with WordPress? Well, I am. At this point in my life, WordPress is a friend, family, addiction and an obsession for me.

I love to write. I love to write about a lot of things. Some of the important ones are WordPress, religion and spirituality, relationships and parenting, aviation news and training related topics, consumer and aviation technology, travel, countries and cultures, and politics.

I love to create things. I created my own flight school business in 2002 with almost nothing in pocket, and grew it to be worth $4.5 million within 5 years. Recently, I have been working on various blogs, and want to create something special utilizing the blogs this time.

I am not working at the moment. You know, the official work thing, like go to work everyday? Well, I am taking a break from it, and am focusing on blogging full time. Like I said, I love blogging, I want to create something special with them, and it does not feel like working. On the contrary, blogging for me is relaxing, soothing and a calming experience.

There is a lot more to write “about me”, but if I do all that here in this one post, then what would I write in the book “about me” that I am planning to write sometime, and why would you buy it?

Few other things you should know about me though, before I finish up this post, is that I am focused, hard working (when the work is fun and hobby at the same time), believe in team play, insomniac, go-getter and helpful. When it comes down to being helpful, I have been accused of sometimes overdoing it. But do I care about it? No. As I know what goes around, comes around. And maybe this is why I ended up here with John at JTPratt, and he decided to help me!

Well guys, I think this is enough for now, but stay tuned. As we continue to develop this project, I will write more, and share more with all of you. Writing and sharing is the reason why we blog anyways, don’t we?