online marketing intern LaShae Well, if you’ve been following along faithfully in your RSS readers, you already know that last month I started an Online Marketing Intership program here at I was originally going to accept 4 applicants – but only found 2 that were really well suited to what I had in mind for the program. Bill Field and Prince Singh have been faithfully working away at their assigned web sites for about the last month. Why would I accept a late intern applicant only 3 weeks into the project? Well, let’s just say I can spot a good candidate when I see one, and after talking to LaShae over the phone I was convinced she would soak up every bit of information I could dish out. Enough from me, I’ll let her tell you why she signed up for the internship in her own words…

Hi, I’m LaShae Dorsey and I’m one of John’s Interns at and so far it looks like I’m the only female in the group.

I’m not new to computers as my high school was one of the first in the state to have a fully functioning computer lab, with a working modem and 15 Apple IIe’s. This was the mid 80’s so for us it was a really big deal. I learned BASIC and then graduated from high school.

My educational and professional background are varied. I’ve yet to complete my Bachelor of Art Degree, just a couple more classes to go. I’ve worked as a tutor and mentor, a tutor coordinator, a construction contract administrator and commissioning and inspection agent and if you asked them, most of my bosses wouldn’t hire me again, even though they appreciate what I did while I worked with them. Many of them are now good friends. They managed to recognize something I didn’t see, until recently, my skills are better suited to an ever changing landscape.

I am curious by nature and driven to know and learn, which is not always a good combination in the corporate world. I’m also developing my ability to recognize blessings, even when they don’t look so much like blessings.

I currently maintain two blogs and work with online newbies offering them hand holding and helping them understand how to bring their service or product into an online space. Plus I help them stay away from the scams. I also work with businesses as a website coordinator.

I’ve used, and since 2005 when I first learned about them. Now I’m slowly starting to increase my use of social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Friendfeed. In fact if you google my name, those sites will come up before my blogs do.

If it sounds like my life is all about online business, that’s because it is. If I’m not in front of the computer, I’m reading something I think will help me work better in an online business and in life. If I’m not reading I’m interacting with other people and business owners at conferences. I’m always watching human nature, peoples buying habits and infommercials. YES, infommercials.

I might be just a little obssessed, but in a good way.

I have a really big dream and I know internet businesses are the very best way to make it reality.

The opportunities for us to support ourselves in non-traditional ways is right here in front of us, if we get the right help.

I found Johns’s blog back in September, while I was researching some plug-ins for a client. I spent almost 16 hours reading and note taking. I’ve implemented just a few of of the things he mentions on the blog and the intern program. I really like the results. If I’d known about him 2 years ago, you and I might not be having this little introduction.

I didn’t see the application until after Bill was introduced because I spent most of my time in the archives of the blog.

I’m glad I completed it anyway, just to see what would happen, even though it was weeks after he originally posted it.

I’m definitely excited to be learning, curious about doing and ready to share what I learn with you.

I’ll leave you with this. Never believe what other people think you can’t do.

LaShae Dorsey