I’ll never understand why people say that making money with Amazon is soooo hard. I’ve heard many bloggers both write and say that they quit using Amazon long ago because they either never made much or anything at all. Amazon was actually the first affiliate program I ever signed up for. I have to admit, at first I really didn’t make anything either, probably for about the first year. I don’t make thousands like some people do, but I do get a payment from them each and every month. I could probably earn even more if I were a more diligent blogger!

I believe that the keys to making money with Amazon are pretty easy:

Two Steps to Amazon Cash:

  1. Always be Selling Something
  2. Make it Personal

Let’s break it down so I can explain each point…

1. Always Be Selling Something: You don’t know it, but if you’re blogging you can always be selling something. Did you rent a movie? Buy some furniture? Read a book? Listen to some music? By simply blogging about your everday life you can find things you can not only write about, but monetize and not feel shameful about selling. Last year my wife and I were looking for some modern shelves to put our audio and video components on because our TV is mounted on the wall and using a TV stand is really stupid (since there is no TV on it). After I found what I needed, I blogged about floating shelves, and it turned out to be a long tail keyword that I made quite a few sales per month from. We got a new Blu-Ray player for Xmas, so when Blu-Ray sale last week it was time to stock up! Guess what – other people stocked up through my affiliate link too and I made commissions!

2. Make it Personal: The most important thing I could ever teach you about blogging is to make each post and page personal. Write in your own style, about your own life, and your own experiences. Why do you think reality TV is so popular? Why are the gossip rags at the checkout read so much? People LOVE to read and know about other people and what they’re doing. If you can manage to talk about yourself AND tie in a product you can get conversions at 10x the rate of a spammy feeling blog! And if you make it personal and draw people in, you build TRUST and REPEAT visitors too!

Amazon is the ultimate online store because they have about everything. The thing I love is people that say you don’t make any money, and not only are they not promoting the program on a regular basis – but they are missing the point entirely! The entire reason for getting someone to Amazon is so that they will hopefully see something they like……anything! Amazon will give you commission no matter what (or how much) they buy! Sure you might only get $1.28 commission on book, but if they buy a $200 kiddie stroller you might get an additional $12 commission! I have sold grills, bicycle pumps, dentist office tools, car seats, blenders, sweaters, bikinis, watches, and a ton of really weird stuff – all from simple links to books and electronics. Amazon has the better mousetrap, believe me – just set the bait and they will reward you! Click here for the Amazon Associates program.