A lot of people overlook the fact that you can can use video to get backlinks, online authority and brand exposure online. I have to admin, I haven’t used it nearly as much as I could have over the years – but I have used it enough for myself and for my clients to know that it shouldn’t be ignored, and should be part of every online marketing plan.

Where do I Get the Video From?

I think this is the one problem holding most people back from online marketing with Video promotion. A lot of people think that the video has to be of “you”. If you have a web cam – or flip video, or even a decent cell phone or digital camera (or camcorder) you can can easily make a video of yourself or of something to use for promotion.

One way most people forget about is what we call a “screencast”. That’s where you record your computer screen while you’re talking about providing an audio commentary. This is one of the easiest ways to quickly made a video, and there are so many things you can record. Show “how to” do things in WordPress, various online marketing or backlink building techniques, or even how to use different features of your own web site. For one of my recent clients, I just did a walk-through of his web site in a video with an audio annotaion.

Most of use have been using Camtasia to do this for years, but there are many in-browser free screencasting tools now available.

Screencasting Tools (for free!):

AVI Screen

Editing the Video?

People edit their video in all kinds of ways. Some people add background music, titles, and credits. I’d say that whether you’re putting together a video of someone speaking, or a screencast – the most important thing is that it’s branded properly. You can some type of quick intro title telling where it came from, and credits saying the same – or some people have constant lettering in the corner while it plays with the URL or your site prominently displayed. Whatever tools you’re using to create the video, if possible take every advantage to ensure it’s branded properly because it could be online for years. Especially if you share it through free video sharing sites, because then other sites will pickup and share the video as well.

Can you SEO an Video?

It doesn’t matter what your market or niche is, you can benefit from having a video out there. Some people have limited visions about their search listings. They concentrate on their web site coming up on the #1 position or first page of google (which is important). They forget about the other 9 slots on that page. Why allow your competitors to be listed there for your brand keyword? Get video and social media listings on there with your main company listing so you completely dominate the first page of results!

I also find that many people don’t understand that you can SEO a video. You can give it a great SEO title (which is often enough for rankings). I normally try to SEO my video title for both my main keywords, and my brand (as I would on the web site itself).

I did this when I created my Smorgasbord.net Amazon Kindle 2 Review. It worked pretty good too, because now when people google my domain name the video comes up right under my domain listing like this:

video seo titles

The goal was also to rank for searches for “amazon kindle 2 review”, and had I built more backlinks I would have come up for that keyword phrase as well. It’s funny how the weight of a domain plays in ranking, because often if make a video SEO title you can rank in google for your YouTube listing, but not your own blog or web site. That’s where video promotion can really come in handy. Most video sites also allow a short description, and sometimes categories and tags – which can help a lot. At YouTube if you put in your domain name in the description starting with “http://” it will automatically be linked! It’s a nofollow link, but so what – many search engines don’t even pay attention to that, and people DO click on URL’s! Some video sharing sites like YouTube allow you to edit the video and add annotations (and links) online, without editing software.

Where should I upload my Video?

Well, due to bandwidth, the last thing you probably want to do is upload it to your own web site. That’s why YouTube is so popular. You can upload the video on their bandwidth dime, and still embed it within your blog or web site. You might think that some of your video would also do well if you uploaded it to some of the other popular video sharing sites, like Vimeo, Break, DailyMotion, MetaCafe, etc.

I recommend using a free tool like TubeMogul.com. You can upload your video ONE TIME to tube mogul, and then slingshot it to all the video sites online (kind of like a ping.fm for video).

Here’s a screenshot when I uploaded the Amazon Kindle review video:


You can see where I added in the title, description, and tags. In this next screenshot – you can see where I sent to various video sites. The little yellow dot turns green when it gets successfully uploaded to each video site. You can see where you can even send the update to twitter and facebook!



The online world is constantly changing, and the days of just getting a static web site and getting ranked in search engines for that one site ARE OVER. If your web site or brand is going to use online marketing campaigns for the greatest amount of exposure possible – you need to take advantage of all forms of online promotion. That includes video promotion, social media marketing, press releases, linkbuilding, and more.

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