I read a feelgood story today that made me stop and think, it’s posted on ABC dot com and was on Good Morning America this morning. It’s the story of Tommy DeCarlo, the new lead singer for Boston. The original lead singer of the classic rock band “Boston” Brad Delp, committed suicied in March 2007. The band was staging a tribute to their fallen singer in August 2007 and Tommy desperately wanted to go (as a fan). He had even written a moving tribute song to Brad, and since he couldn’t afford to go to the concert, his 19 year old daughter created a myspace page to share it with other Boston fans. She knew how much her dad loved Boston and also posted some Karaoke tracks of her dad singing Boston tunes on his myspace profile as well.

Tom Scholz’s (original founding member of Boston) wife was surfing the web one day and just happenned to land on Tommy DeCarlo’s profile. She was listening to his Karaoke Boston tracks as Tom walked through the room and he asked where those tracks were from (he thought it was actually Boston). His wife said it was some guy singing karaoke from Charlotte, North Carolina – and at first he didn’t believe her. He pumped the music from the computer to big stereo speakers and realized that it was a backing band and a different singer – who just happenned to sound nearly identical to the original Boston lead singer. Tom Scholz emailed Tommy DeCarlo, which led to him first performing with the band Boston at the tribute concert, and now in 2008 he is officially the new lead singer of Boston and touring the world. To make this story even more stunning, DeCarlo is 43 years old, has a son 17 and daughter 19, has never been in a band in his life, and he was working as the credit manager for a local Home Depot.

You hear about stories like this more and more, it was only in December of 2007 that Journey found their new lead singer on YouTube. The power of the Internet is unbelievable. It takes down all barriers, levels the playing field – and if you’re talented you can showcase your skills on the web for free. How can you use the Internet to showcase your talents and skills and connect with other people? The story that I described was a complete accident, what you want to do is to orchestrate and cultivate connections through the web to help build your online business. You should take some time today to think about how you’ve tried to reach out in new ways to build your reputation online.

How to set yourself up for unexpected connections…

1. Update or create online profiles (myspace, linkedin, mybloglog, blogcatalog, youtube, entrecard, etc)
2. Volunteer to guest post on blogs you read
3. Ask bloggers you respect to post on your site in specific areas
4. Feature and review blogs your like
5. Interview successful bloggers
6. Ask successful bloggers and affiliate managers to review your site for improvement
7. Create, review, update, and test all contact forms on your site(s)

In the coming weeks I will reveal an unexpected Internet connection that I made from a very unusual source that will fuel one of my blogs with new traffic and visitor like I’ve never seen before – and it was completely for free and unsolicited on my part. Keep reading in the coming weeks – I think you’ll be very surprised.