Since I first wrote about the FTP blogging rules for endorsements, I’ve read some interesting posts on other blogs about it. Shoemoney held a “town hall chat” with John Chow and other bloggers, and he talks about it in his post What you don’t know about the new FTC rules on Disclosure. He basically thinks that the fake news sites and obvious guru bad guys (lying about income and results to make sales) will be made a into a scapegoat – one way or ther other. Those of us using affiliate links and being honest probably won’t be affect at all.

It’s interesting to see Matt Cutts’ put up a page about disclosure too. His basically says that he’s a google employee, he owns google stock, he doesn’t take any free gifts or money (even travel expenses to conferences). I guess you have to say that if you’re an employee blogger. It’s kind of the reverse of someone disclosing they make money or how the endorse something.

In the spirit of things, I’ve created my own disclosure page. Check it out. If you review or endorse anything online (or make money online and blog about it), AND you live in the U.S. – you should probably create your own disclosure page.