If you want to make a living online you have to start building a monthly income. In 2007 I averaged $1,345 per month for the year, this is just over $16,000. This is not enough to quit my day job, but it is proof I am building wealth and sustainable income online and making progress towards my goals. Why would I disclose this information? Because I think it makes it more real for you. You wouldn’t be reading this blog unless you were trying to become a better blogger and earn more money online. I want you to know that you can do it, and that it won’t happen overnight. I also want you to see that progress takes time, and I’m only part of the way through my journey of becoming successful by blogging.

First, check out the 1099 statement I got from google in the mail yesterday. You can click the image for a larger version.

google payment for 2007

This is what I earned in 2007 from adsense for my web sites. The average is about $850 per month, and I didn’t realize that I made that much from adsense last year until I got this google 1099 tax statement in the mail. I got to thinking about this because Alan at Affiliate Confession wrote a few days ago on his blog that he earned over $12,000 from google adsense in 2007, and I thought that was pretty incredible. Then when I got my statement I thought – you know I’m becoming successful too! The difference is Alan is building a sustainable income that is growing over time, and my adsense revenue was quite sporadic. I had one month that was almost $4,000, some under $1,000, a few a couple hundred, etc. In fact, for this first month of 2008 (the first month in over a year) I may just fall a few dollars short of the $100 required to get a payment next month! I’ll have to write about that in another post…

So I made the other $5,000 in 2007 from affiliate programs like Amazon, Commission Junction, Clickbank, and CCBill. I have yet to make a dime from Clickbank, but I’m sure I’ll get something from them in 2008! I also used some contextual link companies to make money online as well, like Targetpoint (for a time), and Kontera. I also made some money with one particular site by using AdBrite.

I intend on writing much more about what I’m earning online in 2008 because I want you to see my progress, both where I fail and where I succeed. I’m very happy to see Turnip of Power blog about his first affiliate check for $141.15. I wish I would have blogged more last year about what I was making online – as I was making it. Signup for my rss feed or subscribe by email in the top right of any page on this blog if you are interested in following my success in 2008. I have some very interesting series that you will want to read for exact instructions with actionable items if you want to earn more money online this year and begin building a monthly income! If you are reading this post and you are a blogging trying to earn more money online – I CHALLENGE YOU TO BLOG ABOUT WHAT YOU MADE IN 2007 NOW!!

In turn, I will update this post and add you to…

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