What’s the difference between a blog with 300 RSS subscribers and one with 25,000? Is it just the subject matter, or could it be the writer? I think that as we chase our online dreams by building niche sites and blog empires sometimes we forget that the crux of all of this is writing. I got interested in this whole working online lifestyle because I love to write. I had a web site online and was writing pages, tips, and tricks before there even was Adsense, before google was popular, and even before there were ways to monetize your web site.

I still blog because I love to write, but the goal now is to be able to work from home full time for a living. I watch a lot of the other affiliate and online marketers and how they build their own online businesses and many of them surround themselves with support staff that carry out menial web work for them. But the good ones all seem to blog and write heavily themselves, developing a following as they climb the ladder of success.

What does this mean? If you want to do the same, you may want to learn how to become a better writer. One way to do that is to read some of the most successful blogs on the web. The more good writers you read, the better writer you will become – and you’ll probably get some great blog post ideas along the way as well. It was chance that I came across this post today – the 20 Must Read Blogs for Freelance Writers. I have to say – this is the first time I read a blog list like this, and really had only heard of maybe 4 or 5 of the list of 20. I visited each blog one by one, and they are all not only great examples of outstanding writing, but the blog designs are impeccable, and each one has RSS readers in the thousands. To become successful it helps to watch those that already are so you can learn. I hope you can find as many great new blogs to read as I did!