If you learn how to to turn problems into blogs posts, you may never need to think of good topics for content again! Personally, I have so many unused blog topics that I could probably blog for 2 years non-stop without coming up with anything new. I have more written down that I could ever possibly write about. That’s because I know how easy it is to turn everyday things into blog posts.

Electrician Working on Tangled Cables and Wires

For example, I have a recipe blog. When I think of new things to cook – I post them. I have a geeky tech site. When I get new gadgets, or looks at phones or computers – I post about them. I like jokes – I post them to my joke site. I blog a lot, and on this blog I write about blogging! Are you getting the picture?

Today I’m going to show you an actual real world example. I’m having some people over tonight for a party. I have some pro-sound equipment and we’re going to do some karaoke and listen to music, I guess I’ll be the “DJ”! So I gathered my song files onto an external hard drive only to find that I couldn’t really get a decent song list for people to choose from. Then I played some of the songs and some of the volume levels were way up or way down.

I figured out how to solve my problem pretty quickly – and I threw together a blog post about it entitled How to Fix MP3’s! I turned my problem INTO a blog post. Hopefully that problem will translate into traffic (and into cash)!

I’d said this a thousand times –

  • Write about what you know about
  • Use your own expertise
  • Write in your own voice
  • Help people solve problems
  • Blog about your everyday life

    If you follow these simple steps – you may never have to come up with content ever again AND you will make it much easier for you to write content (EVEN if you’re not much of a writer!).