How to Sell eBooks or any Digital Content

Posted by jtpratt |26 Jul 08 | 9 comments

Monetize what’s in your brain, by selling your own eBook, premium theme, script, download, video, or mp3 through your web site. It’s easier to do than you ever thought imaginable, very affordable, and you can be making profits in no time!

I’ve been sitting on this post for quite awhile, and quite honestly forgot about it. As I’ve stated before, I get asked a lot of questions through this site and in forums – and one that’s come up recently a few times was “How do I sell an eBook through my web site?”. I’ve also been asked “How do I sell a Premium WordPress Theme”, “How do I sell a WordPress plugin”, and “How do I sell a BANS niche store theme”? In each and every case I sent them to e-junkie. It’s the fastest turn-key solution I know of to sell anything digital through your blog or web site. Sell an eBook, a script, theme, plugin, mp3, video – anything downloadable.

e-junkie sell ebooks and digital content online You may not currently have anything to sell, but let me ask you this…how many pages does your blog have? Do you have at least 50-100? Then you are probably knowledgeable in at least ONE area of making money online. Write your expertise up in an eBook and sell it for profit! Don’t leave it in your head locked away.

Your next thought is probably “I only have xx RSS readers – how many would I reallly sell anyway?” Let me tell you, that’s the beauty of e-junkie, once you signup ANYONE can resell your digital content through affiliate links the second you add your first product! That means that you can enable an army of online affiliates to sell your content for you!

Without any hype or garbage, here are the actual features of e-junkie, and why I use it each and every day –

  • Free shopping cart that works inside your site
  • Digital storage and delivery. Upload your files and they handle the transaction and deliver the download to the customer for you.
  • Inventory Management. You can limit sales if you need to, say if you only want to sell a theme to the first 50 customers, etc.
  • Discount Management. Create special offers and codes that people can use for any discount you want.
  • Package Deal Management. Sell items individually, or create combo packages in any way you want.
  • Google Adwords and Analytics tracking
  • Promo copies. Send out promo copies for review using free download link
  • Multiple currency and language
  • Affiliate Management. Enable anyone to resell your products
  • Promote products with google base and google sitemap feeds

I told you I use e-junkie every day – and I do. I use them as an affiliate to promote WordPress themes, WordPress Plugins, and now BANS WordPress themes. Coming up very soon – I will also be using them to sell my very first eBook, and you, as readers, will be able to resell my work through e-junkie.

Every person I have sent to them was selling their digital products the SAME DAY. They have 100 times more features than Clickbank or any service I have ever seen. You can get an account for as little as $5 per month. And the one thing I didn’t even tell you about yet was the fact that there are NO TRANSACTION FEES at all. That’s because they handle the buying process itself, the stats, links, affiliate credits, and digital delivery. They payment occurs through services you already use. People can pay using Paypal, Google Checkout, 2CheckOut,, or even Clickbank. So it uses services that you (and your potential customers) are already completely familiar with.

I want you to know that I am really excited about this service because I like it, and use it myself. Even if you don’t want to create your first eBook and sell it online through an army of affiliates – I suggest that you signup through e-junkie anyway AS AN AFFILIATE. Why? Because it’s FREE, and you can promote any product from their marketplace and make MONEY just like clickbank. Did I mention it was FREE and you could make MONEY? I’ve made a couple hundred dollars this month promoting products in just 2 posts on this blog. You could be too…if nothing more – when I finish my first eBook – you can be an affiliate for me!

Signup for e-junkie and sell your knowledge today!

9 Responses

  • Barron U./ 07 Aug 08 @ 2:47 AM

    Nice, this does make a lot more sense 😉 besides I should know!! =)]
    The Lazy Dollar Automated System

  • Ross/ 10 Aug 08 @ 1:10 AM

    Hey, Just dropping by to say what a very nice article, it is informative and unique, keep it up. With buying and selling ebooks i have always found the problem with finding a good quality supply of resellable ebooks untill a few days ago, for every one who would be looking for a good quality source of ebooks WHICH CAN BE RESOLD i would highly recommend, every book is picked because it is top quality and in demand and also because it has resell rights. This month, are offering around $700 for the $15 membership ( and for a limited time membership is free). A MUST SEE.

  • Rocque/ 14 Jul 09 @ 9:56 AM

    e junkie is good and popular for selling digital content. At 5$ a month it is a no brainer.
    .-= Rocque´s last blog ..Cosmetic dentistry =-.

  • Gerry N/ 30 Oct 09 @ 12:15 PM

    Hi JT,
    Thank you very much for your knowledge on this post “how to sell ebooks content” because your blog post has given me The Answer to The Question, I have been seeking all week. I am not at all technical, & your blog I found random via google,is the “missing link” I need, the last jigsaw puzzel part!

    I am just in final stages of setting up to sell ebooks on my wordpress blog sites & website on Krav Maga Martial Arts Self Defense ebooks & how to full automate, sell single ebooks or bundle similar ebooks into a package, & automate it. (making 40 different download pages was not the solutio for the 40+ ebooks I can sell). Your suggestion in a simple, straight forwars, understandable for an non techie like me to use e-junkie, which I found on your link above, is the solution for me.
    E-Junkie will do all I need at a very low price I need. In week or so check out the 2 websites I am going to implement this on
    and I will change my Krav Maga eBook Krav Maga fist web page to go via E-Junkie to, which is now on


  • selling on ebay/ 26 Nov 09 @ 2:28 PM

    do you think its better than clickbank also.
    .-= selling on ebay´s last blog ..Liv Tyler, hottest pics, nude vido, fakes video =-.

  • admin/ 29 Nov 09 @ 9:03 PM

    Easier and cheaper

  • Chris O'Connor/ 23 May 10 @ 9:48 PM

    If I own a WordPress blog and I want to use e-junkie can I just insert the code e-junkie generates for the Buy buttons right into the blog posts while in code view? When someone clicks a Buy Now button will they then leave my site and land on e-junkie? What if they then want to add more to their cart? Sorry for all the questions. I’m in the process of creating a WP blog for selling real estate forms and I am not very experienced with this stuff.
    .-= Chris O’Connor´s last blog ..Molly the Motherly Mallard =-.

  • admin/ 01 Jun 10 @ 11:50 AM

    Yes, you can just add the code, and you’ll see how the cart works when you add the code. It’s VERY easy…

  • savvy/ 31 Jan 12 @ 4:01 AM

    Hello, i have been searching on many blogs how i could sell my ebooks online. Your article was precisely what i was looking for. Thanks for being informative not only to me but other writers out there seeking to sell their digital content online.

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