Would you like to geotarget your BANS store to show auctions by geoip? The time has come to increase the earnings of your niche store and add a mod that shows auctions determined by what country a person lives in. Out of the box when you buy the BANS niche store software you have the option to setup a niche store for one of 11 countries, but you get only one choice – there’s no way to show auctions for all the countries, let alone determine where visitors are coming from. That’s why I decided to install the “GeoBANS” niche store mod.

This post is part of the Watch Me Build a Niche Store from Scratch! series.

The first thing I did was setup a fresh BANS store from scratch for used and new laptops:

Used New Laptops BANS store

Installing the GeoBANS mod

The next step was to install “GeoBANS” – a mod for BANS to geotarget your niche store. It comes with a PDF file that makes installation a breeze! All you have to do is FTP the GeoBANS files to your web site and it automatically works! When visitors come to your BANS store the auctions that are shown automatically default to the country closest to the IP address of their computer.

You could just leave it like this, but there are some ways to make this mod work even better. The first is to install and display flag icons on your BANS store so that users can switch to whatever store they prefer. Many people in other countries prefer to shop US eBay for example because there may be more items than their native country. The PDF install files gives you a snippet of code to add to display the flags, and you could add it anwhere in your template. I chose to add it above the auctions on my new BANS site like this:
Used New Laptops BANS store

Once you install the flags the first thing you want to do is click on them all one by one and make sure that you get auctions for all the countries. If you don’t, you may need to change your search keywords a bit to work for all the countries (which is explained in detail in the setup PDF).

Free mods included

GeoBANS also includes a few free BANS mods in the package which are pretty cool. The first is it changes the text at the bottom of store and content pages to use keywords. Instead of saying “View more items at eBay”, it instead displays “View more red widgets at eBay”. It entices people to click a bit more.

If no products are shown GeoBANS also displays a better error message by encouraging users to try a different country flag or subscribing via RSS.

You also get better image alt tags. The store pages keywords are added automatically to the alt text on every image for better SEO and image indexing.

ePN changes and differences

Recently the Hong Kong and Singapore eBay programs were shut down, and those are automatically routed to US based auctions. The India eBay program is “invite only”, so you have the ability to turn it on or off with GeoBANS (I turned it off since I’m not a member).

GeoBANS Conclusions

This was a very quick and easy mod to add to my BANS store, and possibly one of the most profitable I ever could have installed. GeoBANS allows my BANS stores to be geotargetted, something they don’t natively do out of the box, and it was WELL worth $20. It’s basically a “set it and forget it” tool.

I strongly advise that you purchase and install GeoBANS on all your BANS stores right away!

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