I’m going to show you how to export sections of a large wordpress site, since we’re talking about plugins this week. This blog is pretty large now with hundreds of posts and thousands of comments. I get 20-30 comments daily, even when I don’t post a thing. The database is getting pretty big, even though I routinely clean it out and trim it down – it continues to grow.

There are many reasons you may need to export your wordpress database – and one is backup. Maybe you’ve been writing for many years, and want to permanently archive everything more than 2 years old. You could even want to export only things by a certain author, in a certain category, or only all your old drafts. WordPress has an export function, but the only option it currently has is to restrict by “author”. You can’t limit the export by any other criteria.

Check out Advanced Export for WordPress and WPMU:

large wp database export example

As you can see in the image, you can selectively export sections of your blog at a time, and then “import” them to another (or the same) blog. You could export an entire category and then delete all those posts from your blog, or you could move them to a completely new site. Maybe you run a multi-author blog and somebody wants a copy of everything they wrote over time. You could even archive all your posts for an entire year in one file.

This export plugin is great, just remember that it’s only for posts. If you want to learn how to export and import a very large wordpress database (including all settings, pages, posts, comments, etc), one of my earlier posts might be better suited for you: “How to Import and Export Very Large MySQL Databases“.